Icebreaker Activities

In need of icebreaker activities that are a great way for people to break the ice all while they’re engaged in fun games? Here are some great options to take care of your gaming need. These games are full of everything you need in ice breaker activities and that means fun games and plenty of smiles for everyone.

Icebreaker activities are a great way to bring people together when they are unfamiliar with one another. Breaking the ice can be quite difficult at times but the right ice breaker activities are sure to make this an easy task. Take these games to your next gathering because these icebreaker activities are sure to crack open the fun!

What’s My Name

This fun game is a good choice if you are in need of icebreaker activities for groups who are unfamiliar with each other as it will help them get to know one another. This game of recall is best suited for smaller groups and includes the true fun of ice breaker activities that people are sure to enjoy.

What You’ll Need: name tags, pens/markers, 2 small baskets, small note pads/Post-its, dry erase board/sheet of paper & timer

How to Play:

Step 1: Give everyone a name tag which should be placed over their chest. Designate one person to moderate the game. Create groups with approximately 4-8 people per group. Distinguish the groups by giving each group a number. Position all the groups into one circle having them face the circle’s center which allows the name tags to be seen by everyone.

Step 2: Take 2 baskets and label one basket as the Description basket and the other as the Answer basket. Give everyone a small sheet of paper. On the paper, have everyone write down something descriptive about themselves that makes them unique, memorable, eccentric, etc. then place their name at the bottom.

Step 3: Instruct everyone to introduce themselves one-by-one by (1st) sharing their name, (2nd) place of origin, (3rd) interests, and (4th) the description they wrote about themselves. After each person has finished their 4 part introduction have them fold and drop their written description into the Description basket.

Step 4: After everyone has dropped their description into the Description basket, provide each group with a small pad of paper or Post-its. Have the moderator take the Description basket, pull out one of the descriptions then read it to all the groups. The groups must try to recall who the description belongs to by conferring with one another and coming to one group decision.

Step 5: When the group has agreed on a name, they are to write down the name of the individual and their group number on their piece of paper then fold it and drop it into the Answer basket. Inform the groups that they have 30 seconds to do so.

Step 6: When the time has expired, the moderator will read the description that was pulled once more and ask the person who wrote the description to identify them self. When the individual identifies them self the moderator will review the Answer basket to see which groups answered correctly and award those groups with 1 point each.

Step 7: The moderator will then pull another description from the Description basket and repeat the process until everyone’s description has been read. The group with the most points when everyone has been identified wins What’s My Name! This makes a really great choice for icebreaker activities.

Getting to Know You

If you’re looking for icebreaker activities that really get people talking to each other – here’s a great pick. This fun game is not only awesome in getting people talking but it’s also a wonderful way to break the ice all while establishing teams. Its ice breaker activities and team building all in one.

What You’ll Need: pens/markers paper

How to Play:

Step 1: Create groups of 4 and give everyone in each group a sheet of paper. On the top of the paper, instruct each person the write down the country or state they are originally from in large letters. Under their place of origin have each person use one word OR one sentence to write one of two things: #1 how their place of origin has helped to form their character OR #2 characteristics that represent their place of origin.

Step 2: After everyone has written their place of origin along with their one word OR one-sentence character description, have each person in the group take turns and share their place of origin and character description with the other group members. Advise each person to include in the discussion small details like their age when they relocated, the reason for relocating, characteristics about their place of origin they may miss, etc.

Step 3: When everyone has completed their sharing, give the group one more sheet of paper on which they will collaborate. Instruct each group to put together all the letters from each person’s place of origin. Using only the letters from each person’s country or state, have them form a team name.

Step 4: Once they have formed a team name, they must then form a team slogan using only the letters from each person’s one word or one sentence description. The slogan should be the best possible description and representation of everyone in the group (given the brief introduction provided by everyone).

Step 5: When all the teams have finished forming their team name and slogan, have one person from each group introduce the group members to the other groups by 1st presenting the group name and slogan & 2nd introducing each member by name, origin and any descriptive details remembered that are interesting or humorous.

Step 6: Now that the groups are acquainted with one another and have established a team name and slogan, go ahead and begin a great activity or fun game as the ice has been broken and your teams are set and ready for fun! This is truly an engaging option for icebreaker activities.

Other Group Games:

You’re sure to have broken the ice with these icebreaker activities. Now that the ice is broken you are more than ready to enjoy lots more fun games with your group or team. Allow these ice breaker activities to only be the beginning of your fun game search because there are lots more fun games for you to enjoy!

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