Sweet 16 Party Games

The tradition of celebrating the 16th birthday dates back to the Victorian Era and till today, it’s a special day for parents and the birthday person. Sweet 16 the tradition calls it, is treated a day when the child steps into adulthood, gearing towards maturity and turning a new chapter of life. Sweet 16 celebration is about cherishing the good days of life and getting ready for more to come, hence it is often a grand affair. Friends and family are invited to eat, sing, dance and play. If you have a sweet 16 celebrations coming soon, here are some fun-filled games that will double the joy of your party:

Karaoke or Lip Sync Contest

This game is best played with a DJ, or a Karaoke Machine but a simple CD player would also suffice. Make a list of mix songs; romantic, playful ones and some that you know your friends won’t like for sure. Prepare small chits of songs and put them all in a bowl. Ask one friend each to pick a chit and sing along the song that comes their way. You will be amazed to see the hidden singing talent your friends will reveal after this game. 

Name Game

Make a list of famous celebs and make small chits. Divide the group into two teams and each team will have to make the other team guess the name that appears on the chit. Keep recording scores and the highest-scoring team wins. If you want to add some fun to this game; try making rules like you have to guess by only sign language or through songs or riddles. If your friends are all from the same school, you can also make a list of school teachers to make the game more interesting and relevant. 

Truth or Dare

This game gets crazier as you grow. Simple have turns and ask each friend, truth or dare. If it’s a truth, you better ask them stuff they haven’t been able to answer for long (some secret revealing may work here) and if they choose dare, watch-out! Ask them to do something that challenges their personality, make it tough for them and you will all have a blast. Truth or Dare sometimes gets personal, offending friends for good so make sure you don’t hurt your girls but just play this for fun. 

Volley Balloon

If your girls are sporty, this will be their favourite. Divide your friends into two teams and make arrangements two different color but an equal number of balloons for each team. Draw a line with the help of a tape or marker on the floor to define the area for each time. As the time starts, each team has to ensure that all their designated colored balloons come to their side without touching the floor. 

Dress your sweety

This will be fun and you can do lots of experiments in this game. All you need is different kinds of costumes and props. Choose 2-3 judges and divide the rest into equal teams. The judges will set the time and the teams will dress up one of their members with the given items. They do a red carpet walk to show the judges their creativity and style. The judges decide who gets the award. You can also take lots of pictures and go viral on Instagram and SnapChat. 

Scavenger Hunt 

If all your girls are tired of sitting and eating, this game will get them moving. To make the most out of it, you need to make a few arrangements prior to the party. Make a list of 10 things and tasks that you can make your party friends do at the party. These could be hunting for an old coin, a celebrity picture, making a human tower and a lot more. Now on the day, make teams and give all of them a time to finish all these tasks. The first team to finish all gets the winner tag.

Dance and Freeze

For all the Movers and Shakers in the party, this will be a fun test. One of your girls becomes the DJ, who will play some of hit dance tracks for you all to dance. When the music stops, you stop in your dancing pose and freeze. Whoever shakes and tumbles is out of the game until there is once dancing queen left. 

Sweet 16 party is about taking pictures, laughing out loud and making memories. These games will make you do all this with your buddies and siblings. Years later when you get older, the recollection of your sweet 16 party will be amazingly nostalgic and you will certainly wish this time to come back. So have as much fun as you can!