Office Party Games

Looking for office party games that are suitable for your upcoming office party? Here you’ll find great games for office training and celebration.

These games provide an awesome way to have office fun while celebrating an occasion or enhancing office orientation. Fun office games are an excellent way to stimulate the office and stimulation that promotes learning is always a win-win. Bring these fun office party games to your next office party and see just how suitable office fun can be.

Granted, some offices are a bit more “corporate” than others but there’s always room for a little break room fun. So DON’T break out the bubbly but DO break out the fun with these office party games!

Hanging Terms

This game is a great choice for an office celebration or new hire orientation. It keeps the fun focused on work-related topics which enhances employee knowledge in a way that entertains. New hires will become excited to be a part of the office and full-time employees will enhance their knowledge with every challenge. This is a great choice for office party games or general group training. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the safest online casinos, visit website.

What You’ll Need: paper clamps, paper/Post-its, marker & party ribbon

How to Play:

Step 1: Take a break and let the office party games begin! Create a list of terms that are common to the office and/or a specific department (your office may already have this info on its internal system so be sure to check there first before creating a list from scratch). Place each term on a Post-it or print the list of terms then cut them out to separate them. For humor, include terms that aren’t necessarily work related but are used around the office like: tranquil – word (turned name) used to describe an individual in the office.

Step 2: Define each term on a separate Post-it or paper cut out. Using paper clamps, clamp each term and each definition separately being certain the text can be seen. Thread all the clamps through the clamp handle with party ribbon then string them up within the play area – this is LINE #1. Thread another set of paper clamps equal to the number of terms created (this 2nd set should not have any paper on the clamps). String up the empty clamps parallel to the first set of clamps – this is LINE #2. On another side of the play area, create the identical set-up which will be for another team (complete this set-up for each team you intend to use – minimum 2 teams).

Step 3: Establish teams with 1 or more persons per team and position them next to their hanging terms (which should include a LINE #1 & LINE#2). At the “go” signal, teams will race to find the term and pair it with its correct definition. When a pair is made, it must be unclamped from LINE #1 and clamped together on LINE #2. The first team to pair all the correct terms with their definition OR the team that has the most correct wins Hanging Terms! This certainly makes an appropriate choice for office party games.

Work Week

Here’s another game that’s great for office celebrations and orientations. It too uses office fun facts but can easily be altered to suit other topics as well as other occasions. Almost everyone is in a race to get to Friday and this game helps you do just that. It’s an awesome choice for fun office party games.

What You’ll Need: large dry erase board or large canvas, 3 mini dry erase boards or blank paper, markers, raffle tickets & a few small prizes

How to Play:

Step 1: Create a list of work-related questions (Or not. There’s always the option of another topic). The work related questions may be terms common to the office, specifications related to a department and/or humorous nicknames or characteristics of employees (examples: What’s 3 alternatives for customers requesting BPT?; What’s the last name of the employee within the QC Dept that has an infectious laugh?). The questions may be a mix of fill in the blank, multiple choice, etc.

Things to consider: If working with multiple depts, keep your questions related to the general office as you don’t want to ask dept related questions to individuals who likely won’t be able to answer because of its outside of their scope.

Step 2: On a dry erase board or canvas, create 5 horizontal squares that will represent each day of the work week then write the letter of each day within the squares (MTWRF). Do this a total of 3 times as each week represents the scoreboard of one employee.

Step 3: Distribute raffle tickets to the employees as they enter the party area. To start the game, pull 3 random tickets and have the employees with those tickets come forward and be seated in front of the work week calendar/scoreboard. Write the names of each employee next to the work week calendar (1 employee name per work week).

Step 4: Give each of the three employees a mini dry erase board or a pad of paper and marker. Have the moderator read a question to the three employees. The employees are not allowed to speak but must write their answer on the dry erase board or paper they’ve been provided. They must complete their answer within 10 seconds.

Step 5: When the time is up, the employees must display their answer by holding up what they have written (they’re still not permitted to speak). Each employee that has the correct answer will have one calendar day marked off (starting with Monday). The first employee to make it to Friday by getting all 5 days marked off their calendar wins that round of Work Week!

If 2 or more employees make it to Friday at the same time, then eliminate the employee lowest on the scoreboard (furthest behind in the work week) and start the work week over with the tied employees and another round of questions. The first one to make it to Friday breaks the tie and wins!

Step 6: Award the winning employee with a small prize (gift card: restaurant, gas, supermarket, etc.) then have 3 different employees come up by pulling 3 more tickets from the raffle. Clear the work week calendar, add the names of the 3 new employees and begin a new round with new questions. Continue playing until the last prize is awarded. This is a fun choice for office party games.

Playing Tip: To make working with multiple depts easier, color code the raffle tickets. So Dept A would have red raffle tickets, Dept B would have blue raffle tickets, etc. Have the manager or supervisor of each dept distribute their dept’s tickets prior to the employees entering the party space. When pulling the tickets during game time, pull 3 tickets of the same color, then the 3 employees selected will be from the same dept. This way you may include dept specific questions without the concern of the players being unable to answer because it’s outside their scope of work. Just be sure to make note of each dept’s color and organize your questions accordingly.  You can also visit and see the list of the most trusted online casinos in the U.S.

Other Party Games:

Your office is really going to have a blast with these fun office party games. Make these games a part of your office celebrations, orientations or even new procedural training. Employees will love the fun interaction and useful mini prizes are always an excellent incentive. So get ready to have some fabulous office fun with these office party games!

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