Learn About the Game of Draughts

Large black and white barbell game pieces on large white and black checked game board

Introduction The game of draughts is a well-known game known by different names and can be played in different variations. For example, the game is called Checkers or English Draughts in America. It is also called Polish Draughts in Europe, played most frequently in international competitions throughout Western Europe. Although it is … Read more

Learn About the Tafl Games

Tafl Scandinavian Boardgame

Introduction Whether you enjoy history or board games or are just looking for a new intellectual game to stimulate your mind, exploring the world of Tafl games promises to be a fascinating journey of discovery. The captivating world of Tafl games, is a traditional board game with a strategic component that has … Read more

Learn About the Game of 9 Men’s Morris

nine mens morris mill game victory defeat

Introduction The timeless game of Nine Men’s Morris has enthralled players for centuries. Since its inception during the Roman Empire, it has continued to be a favorite pastime and a brain exercise, gaining prominence during medieval and Renaissance times in Europe. This game gives the current generation a look into forefathers’ competitive … Read more

Learn About the Game of Mancala

Mancala Board

Introduction Mancala is a long-lived game that is entertaining and simple to play. It’s among the oldest games still played today; it is a count-and-capture board game with a long history and a thousand variations worldwide. In a world dominated by digital entertainment and high-tech gadgets, Mancala is a game that has … Read more

What Types of Fun Games Can You Play with Chalk?

Kids Drawing a Rainbow in the Ground using Chalk

Introduction During one of those fine weather days, youngsters enjoy taking out some chalk on the driveway and letting their creative juices flow. There are a variety of games that kids can make with the use of Chalk. Adults would undoubtedly recall their obsession with the Simon cartoon character, who would use … Read more

What are Some Great Pencil and Paper Games to Play on a Road Trip?

Cheese Box Game

Introduction Avoid hearing “Are we there yet?” on your next long road trip. Even grownups get tired and bored on a lengthy road drive or when stuck in long traffic. Make the trip and the anticipation of arriving at your chosen destination a memorable experience by keeping everyone entertained along the road … Read more

What were the Most Popular Games of the Boomer Generation?

Man in black crew neck t-shirt wearing black fedora hat photo

Introduction The baby boomers’ defining decades were the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. During these decades, baby boomers were regarded as the cultural kings of the land. The boomer generation was at the peak of their influence around the turn of the century and the beginning of the new millennium, and they … Read more

Word Ideas for the Next Time You Play Charades

A group of people playing a charade

Introduction Charade is an ideal party activity that can be played whenever, wherever, with anyone, of any age, with no complicated rules or complicated games equipment required to start the fun. You only need a few buddies and creative words and phrases to act out. A few scraps of paper, some writing … Read more

Word ideas for the next time you play hangman

Hangman Clip Art

Introduction With each passing day, the world is getting closer to being completely dominated by technology. While the world is entirely dominated by technology is probably never going to happen; having fun without the aid of technology has become a lost art, especially among young people. Hangman is a traditional word-guessing game … Read more