Most Popular Games of the 2000s

a person playing a video game

Playing is an important aspect of children’s development and growth. It is crucial for the expansion of learning, broadening imaginations, and improving interpersonal relationships. Before technology took over, everything that children played implied vigorous physical activity and real-time social connections. Looking back in the times when technology was slipping fast and steadily … Read more

History of Video Games

One of the latest gaming consoles, The PlayStation 4.

The video game industry is over $100 billion today in the global market. The rapid rise in the popularity of video games has been since the 21st century because of the sudden rise in the popularity of video consoles as well as an increased level of mobile gaming platforms. About two third … Read more

Guide to Playing Charades Online and Offline

Guide to Playing Charades Online and Offline

Charades is an excellent game to play with your friends and family! It is perfect for all ages and involves acting phrases or words, be it a movie title, personality, or random item, provided by the other team. The objective is to have your team guess the answer without talking and using … Read more

Guide to Playing Taboo Online and Offline

Guide to Playing Taboo Online and Offline

Taboo is an enjoyable guessing game with a twist! You need to quickly think, talk fast, without saying the TABOO words listed on the card! If you state one of the unmentioned words, be ready to get buzzed and lose your team a point. Answer as many words as possible within the … Read more

Guide to Playing Psych Online and Offline

Guide to Playing Psych Online and Offline

Psych is another game made by the creators of Heads Up!, so expect this to be as hilariously fun. It’s a trivia quiz with a twist! Players need to come up with fake answers to the trivia questions, which they will also answer at a later time. You score a point if … Read more

Popular 90’s Board Games

Kids who were born in the 90s truly had so many ways to have fun during their free time with friends and family members. There were Saturday morning cartoons, video games, and of course, the everlasting board games. Because of the advancement in manufacturing in the 90s, some board games that were … Read more

Sweet 16 Party Games

The tradition of celebrating the 16th birthday dates back to the Victorian Era and till today, it’s a special day for parents and the birthday person. Sweet 16 the tradition calls it, is treated a day when the child steps into adulthood, gearing towards maturity and turning a new chapter of life. … Read more

Game Review: The Settlers of Catan

Catan Board Game Review

Dubbed as the new Monopoly, the game Catan has quickly become a very popular game that had won several awards. One of which is an Oscar for board games. Die Siedler von Catan is widely popular that is why the game is available in sets produced in over thirty different languages around … Read more

Dinner Party Games

Check out these great dinner party games. These can help to entertain your guests and keep the party going. Fun for all types of groups!

Office Party Games

Looking for office party games that are suitable for your upcoming office party? Here you’ll find great games for office training and celebration. These games provide an awesome way to have office fun while celebrating an occasion or enhancing office orientation. Fun office games are an excellent way to stimulate the office … Read more

Free Bible Games for Active Fun

In search of free bible games? Well, you’ve arrived at a great resource for fun games that are biblically based! Who says bible activities have to be a matter of question and answer? Sometimes it’s just a matter of having fun. Here you’ll find some really awesome and free bible games that … Read more