Outdoor Games for Kids

Looking for great outdoor games for kids? Got kids that need to get outside and burn some energy with fun games? Here are some really great outdoor kid games that will keep the kids busy as they’ll want to play them again and again.

These fun games are great picks for kids outdoor games. They are high energy, suitable for kids outdoor party games and simply fun for any day. Use these outdoor games for kids the next time its outdoor time and see just how much fun are in these games.

Monkey in the Middle

This fun game is one of those old outdoor games for kids that’s timelessly entertaining. Here, it been given an added challenge but the basics that have made it a popular choice for outdoor kid games have remained the same. Sometimes the best outdoor games for kids are the ones that have always been around.

What You’ll Need: bouncing ball & timer

How to Play:

Step 1: Get 3 players, then position 2 players within throwing distance of each other having them face one another (keeping the children’s age into consideration). Using painters tape or chalk, make a line on the ground in front of the two players which they must not cross. Position the 3rd player in the middle of the other 2 players.

Step 2: Give one of the players on the outer end a bouncing ball (ball should be soft enough for the children to take a hit). Mark off a perimeter for the player in the middle to remain. This perimeter should be big enough to allow the player in the middle to dodge the ball but small enough to make dodging a challenge (again, consider the children’s age and use your discretion).

Step 3: At the “go” signal, start the timer and the player with the ball will try to hit the player (monkey) in the middle (staying behind their marked lines). The “monkey” in the middle is allowed to do just about anything to avoid being hit by the ball with the exception of anything that involves touching the ball or moving outside of the marked perimeter.

Step 4: The 2 players positioned on the outer ends will work together to catch the ball as it is thrown and quickly get it re-thrown in order to get the “monkey” hit. If the “monkey” is hit by the ball he/she is out. Stop the timer and note how long it took to catch the “monkey.”

Step 5: Rotate the outer players into the middle position until all 3 players have had a chance to be the monkey. Note the time taken to catch each “monkey.” The player with the shortest time wins “Monkey in the Middle!” Make this a part of your list of outdoor games for kids.

Note; Have a 4th person available to start and stop the timer. This person may also join the rotation of the game as a 4th “monkey.”

Fire & Ice

This familiar fun game could potentially be an indoor game but really makes for great outdoor games for kids. Its a game similar to hide and seek that requires teamwork and attention to simple clues. It’s an excellent choice for kids outdoor games or even kids’ outdoor party games. Either way, its outdoor games for kids of all ages to enjoy.

What You’ll Need:

ball pit balls, blindfolds (or bandanas) & small buckets

How to Play:

Step 1: Create 3 or more teams with 3 or more players per team. Assign each team a separate team color that corresponds with the colors of the ball pit balls. Select one person per team to be the call-out player. Separate the call-out players of each team from the remaining players. Send the remaining players away to an area where they will not be able to see what the call-out players are about to do.

Step 2: Gather 1 ball pit ball for each team member that corresponds with that team member assigned a color (exclude the call-out player from the count). So for example, if the red team has 5 players (including the call-out player) then gather 4 red balls for the red team. The balls gathered are going to act like the item each of the remaining team members will have to seek.

Step 3: Mark off a large perimeter by using landmarks, flags, spray paint, etc. (the size of the perimeter should be considerate of the age of the players) Instruct the call-out players to randomly select the color of an opposing team (no two call-out players may select the same color). Once selected, instruct the call-out players to gather the balls that correspond to the opposing team’s color. Have the call-out players, one at a time, hide their opposing team’s balls anywhere within the designated perimeter.

Important: the call-out players must hide the balls one at a time to allow the other call-out players to see where their team’s balls are being hidden. This is important because the call-out players will be hinting to the ball’s location to their other teammates.

Step 4: When all the balls for each team have been hidden, give all the call-out players a bucket and position them in the center of the perimeter that has been marked out. Call back the remaining players to the area and instruct them to remain outside the marked perimeter.

Step 5: At the “go” signal, the call-out players will hold their position in the center of the perimeter while one player from each team dashes into the perimeter to locate one of the hidden balls that belong to their team. The only clue the players will have will come from the call-out player from their team who may only say words like: “hot, cold; warm, cool; fire, ice” etc. to indicate if the player is getting further or closer to a balls location (the colder = the further, the hotter = the closer).

Step 6: Once a player has located their team’s ball they must run to their team’s call-out player, drop the ball in the bucket the call-out player is holding then tag the next player from their team to allow them to enter the perimeter and locate the next ball. The rotation will continue until all the players from each team have been tagged to locate a ball. The first team to place all their team’s hidden balls into their call-out player’s bucket wins Fire & Ice! Be sure to add this to your selection of outdoor games for kids.

Other Outdoor Games:

You’re going to have tons of fun with these outdoor games for kids. They’re the sort of outdoor kid games that kids will want to play over and over again. Make these kids outdoor games a part of your outdoor fun and watch the enjoyment take shape. Whether you use these games as simple outdoor fun games or kids outdoor party games you’ll be glad you made them your choice.

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