Free Bible Games for Active Fun

In search of free bible games? Well, you’ve arrived at a great resource for fun games that are biblically based! Who says bible activities have to be a matter of question and answer? Sometimes it’s just a matter of having fun.

Here you’ll find some really awesome and free bible games that will be a hit at your next religious outdoor event or rec-room fun. These fun games are great children bible games as well as awesome fun for adults. Bible activities can be so much more than a drill of questions and here you’ll find some great active alternatives. So let a fresh wind of free bible games blow through your next event and get everybody filled with joy and laughter.

Don’t forget to check out the other bible games categories as there are more free bible games to be found there. Because the games on this site have a one game fits all approach, the other free bible games provided may very well make a great addition to what you’ve already found. Be blessed and have fun with these free bible games.

My Sheep Know My Voice

Start your free bible games with this excellent pick. This fun game calls for no memory verses or bible stories. It’s a game of faith, trust, and a listening ear. A simple game with a biblical theme that everyone can enjoy. This is certainly one of the free bible games you’ll want to play again and again!

What You’ll Need:3 large containers or buckets, 2 blindfolds, ball pit balls, stakes & twine (outdoors) or painters tape (indoors)

How to Play:

Step 1: Mark out a large rectangular perimeter (at least 18 X 12). If outdoors, use stakes & twine. If indoors, then painters tape is a great option. Take one of the three buckets, fill it with the ball pit balls and place it on the ground in the center of the rectangle. Place the other two empty buckets on opposite ends of the rectangle. The empty buckets on the opposite ends will act as point buckets for each team.

Step 2: Create two teams with at least 3 people per team. Assign each team a color that corresponds to one of the ball colors as that will be their target color. Ensure that there is an equal amount of balls of each team’s assigned color.

Step 3: Select one member from each team, blindfold them then place them on opposite ends of the center bucket of balls (they are the sheep). The two team members that are blindfolded are the only ones permitted within the perimeter during a round. Everyone else, including the other team members, must remain outside the perimeter.

Step 4: Without making the team members who are blindfolded aware of who you’re selecting; select 2 individuals (onlookers – not from the teams) instructing them to remain silent. These individuals will act as the sheperds who’s voice the blindfolded sheep must recognize. Of the 2 shepherds selected, during round one, one will act as a shepherd for team 1 while the other will act as sheppard for team 2. Sheppards too must remain outside the rectangular perimeter.

Step 5: Inform the sheep (those who are blindfolded) that they will have 60 seconds to grab as many balls that correspond to their teams color from the center bucket and transfer them over to their teams point bucket. Now, because the sheep cannot see they must know and listen to the voice of their shepherd in order to be successful. If a ball falls from the hands of any of the sheep during a round it may be retrieved under the instruction of their shepherd and placed into their point bucket. However, if the ball drops and rolls outside of the perimeter it is disqualified for that round.

Step 6: Once the sheep have been given their objective, one at a time, instruct the shepherds for each team to say “I am your shepherd!” This must be said loud and clear for the sheep to hear. Once they have heard the voice of their shepherd it is up to them to remember that voice as that will be their only guide to winning the race.

Step 7: At the sound of the “go” signal, the sheep will attempt to quickly grab as many balls as possible that correspond with their team’s color and transfer them to their team’s point bucket. The shepherd for each team must verbally inform the sheep if they’re picking up the wrong ball color, guide them to their point bucket, guide them back to the center bucket, keep them from banging heads with the other sheep, etc. The team with the most balls of the correct color in their bucket at the end of 60 seconds wins the round.

Step 8: Begin a new round by rotating to the next team member on each team until all team members have had a turn to act like sheep. Select a new shepherd for each round and for each team so the shepherd remains unknown and identifiable only by his or her voice. The team that has placed the highest number of the correct colored balls in their bucket at the end of all 3 rounds wins the game! There’s no way you’re going to forget to include this in your list of free bible games for your next gathering.

Note: Encourage onlookers to cheer (cheer – not instruct) for whichever team they fancy. This makes the game all the more exciting for the onlookers. It also makes it more challenging for the sheep as hearing their shepherds voice becomes a bit more difficult.

King of Egypt

Here’s another great activity to add to your collection of free bible games! This fun game is an active spin on the well-known story of Joseph. Did you want children’s free bible games? Well, this is an awesome pick for both children and adults! This game takes bible activities off the chair and onto the game floor.

Joseph was captured into slavery, later became a prisoner due to false accusation and eventually a king in Egypt.

This game takes these three major experiences of Joseph and turns them into a race with three challenges. Teams will race the clock to free themselves from slavery, solve the dream puzzles and gather as much grain before their opponents. The team that finishes first will be crowned King of Egypt! This is an awesome choice that’s free. Bible games just got a bit more fun.

What You’ll Need: 2 large plastic containers, 2 small containers or buckets, ball pit balls, sand, rope or bandannas, 4 pieces of cardboard or poster board (size: 8 1/2 X 11), glue, permanent marker, 4 Ziploc bags & puzzle printouts (click here to print pdf.)

How to Play:

Step 1: Establish a large rectangular game area. Create 2 teams of 2. Assign 1-2 ball colors and 1 large container for each team. Separate an equal number of ball pit balls that correspond to each team’s assigned color(s). Fill the 2 large containers with sand and hide the balls assigned to each team in the sand of the team’s assigned container. Add some additional balls that do not correspond to the team’s assigned color(s) to each team’s container. Place the containers, side by side, on one end of the game area.

Step 2: Print out 2 copies of the two puzzles as each team will be given two puzzles each. Glue the printouts on to cardboard. When the glue dries, cut out the puzzle pieces and place each puzzle in 1 sandwich bag. Using a permanent marker, mark the bags that contain the puzzle pieces as “puzzle #1” & “puzzle #2.” Place the bags on a flat surface in the center of the game area (there should be 2 puzzles for each team; puzzle #1 & #2 for the 1st team and puzzle #1 & #2 for the 2nd team). Make sure the flat surface has enough space for both teams to work on all 4 puzzles at the same time.

Step 3: There should now be two challenge zones in the game area. The far end should contain the two large containers filled with balls & sand. The center area should have the bagged puzzle pieces on a flat surface. The final end of the game space is where the game will begin and end. Place the two small containers side by side at this end of the game area assigning one container to the 1st team and the other container to the 2nd team.

Step 4: Instruct both teams to stand in front of the small container assigned to their team and face the center (puzzle area) of the game area. Using robe or bandannas, tie the hands and feet of all the team members. Instruct the teams to listen carefully to the following step 5 instructions if they want their team to be crowned King of Egypt.

Step 5: The object of the game is to be the first team to “get out of slavery” (the robes or bandannas), “interpret the dreams” (solve the puzzles) and “gather the grain” (the balls in the sand). At the sound of the “go” signal, teams must successfully complete each zone in the game area but cannot leave a fellow teammate behind.

In zone #1, teams are to quickly untie themselves from the ropes in order to be delivered from “slavery”. In zone #2, teams must successfully “interpret the dreams” by working together to solve both puzzles. In zone #3, teams will “gather the grain” by digging throw the sand to find ALL the ball color(s) assigned to their team. When the correct ball color is located team members must race back to zone #1 and drop the balls into the small containers (teams may race back and forth between zones #1 & #3 as many times as needed; balls dropped may be retrieved). The first team that gets ALL their balls into the small container at zone #1 wins the game and is crowned King of Egypt! Make this a part of your free bible games rec-room or outdoor fun.

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These free bible games are really a great choice for fun. Use these games whenever you are in need of exciting children bible games or simply fun bible activities. These fun games are sure to satisfy your need for fun. Be sure to check the other free bible games on this site as you may find some incredible choices for your bible activities.


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