Awesome Pool Party Games

Looking for pool party games that will add a splash to your next pool party? Want swimming pool fun that’s more than just a couple laps across the pool? Here you’ll find some great swimming games to create the swimming fun you’re after. It’s the fun games you’ve wanted that are great for days by the pool.

You’ll also find great pool-side games that make use of the water. Your pool party will become a splashing event with these awesome pool party games. So take your swimming pool fun to new levels with unique swimming games and unexpected swimming fun. Turn your day at the pool into a fun game’s experience that all will enjoy!

Plus or Minus

This is a fun game of speed, risk, and strategy. It’s a team race to beat the clock and score, all while negating scores from the other team. Be assured that scoring for your team doesn’t guarantee a win and attempting to negate the opposing team’s scores is a time costly risk that may or may not have its reward. This turns pool party games into more than just a simple swim.

What You’ll Need: 2 large buckets, ball pit balls & timer

Note: This game can be played at 2 levels. To play at level 1 (the easiest) simply follow steps 1-4. To play at level 2 (a bit more challenging) follow steps 1-5.

How to Play:

Step 1: Let the pool party games begin! Get 2 buckets and place them at the width of the pool at opposite ends (one at the deep end the other at the shallow end). One bucket will hold the scores for team 1 while the other bucket holds the scores for team 2. Fill the pool with ball pit balls which will float and create a colorful top layer in the pool.

Step 2: Create two teams of two and instruct them to get into the center of the pool. Designate one ball color to each team. Inform the teams that their goal is to get their designated ball color into their bucket within the given time frame. Advise the teams to pay special attention to the next set of instructions as it is vital to their ability to win.

Step 3: Advise the teams (let’s call them team “A” & team “B”) that there are four different color balls in the pool (Ball pit balls usually come in four basic colors of red, yellow, blue & green. If your set was customized to unique colors that’s absolutely fine but you’ll need at least four different colors). Of the four colors, one ball color belongs to team “A”, the other to team “B”, the 3rd color is neutral and the 4th color is negative.

So for example, if the colors being played are the basic red, yellow, blue & green; the set up would be something like this:

Team “A” – Red = +2 points
Team “B” – Blue = +2 points
Neutral – Green = +1 point
Negative – Yellow = -1 point

Step 4: Set the timer to 60 seconds. At the “go” signal, teams are to race the clock and get as many balls with their team’s color into their team’s bucket for a score of 2 points per ball. Teams can also earn additional points (perhaps even crucial winning points) by scoring neutral ball colors into their team’s bucket. At their own risk, teams may also use their time to slam negative ball colors into their opponent’s bucket. Doing so is a risky, time costly, a strategic move that can either cost the team the game or fashion their victory! The team with the most positive points wins the game.

Step 5: (optional) Create another round and level of difficulty to the game by doing the following: At the completion of steps 1-4, switch the location of the team’s buckets by placing team A’s bucket where team B’s bucket is and vice versa. Give the team’s new ball colors and change the colors of the neutral and negative balls. Have the teams play the 2nd round with new scoring locations and ball colors to remember and see just how exciting this game can get! Be sure to keep this as a selection for your future pool party games.

Note: Balls that land outside of the pool is disqualified. Team members caught intentionally throwing balls out of the pool will have forfeited their win. Players may only score with balls they can grasp with their hand and are not permitted to tuck balls in the swimming attire.

Rise over Run

This is one of those pool party games that are great for pool-side fun. It isn’t quite swimming fun but it’s a game of speed, teamwork and a little getting wet that everyone can enjoy.

What You’ll Need: 2 large buckets, 2 large sponges, 2 clear plastic jugs, measuring tape or ruler & painters tape

How to Play:

Step 1: Ready for more pool party games? Create two teams with about 4-6 people per team. Line up each team in a single line and position them parallel to the other team.

Step 2: Fill the 2 large buckets with water and place one in front of the first person of each line for each team. Put a large sponge in each water-filled bucket.

Step 3: Take the plastic buckets and measure 3-6 inches up from the base of the jug and mark the measurement with a line of painter tape (the bottom portion of the painter’s tape should mark the 3-6 inch measurement). Place a clear plastic bucket behind the last person in each line for each team.

Step 4: Teams will race to be the first to fill their jug with 3-6 inches of water by doing the following: At the sound of the go signal, the person in the front of the line (both teams simultaneously) will quickly take the sponge in front of them and soak up as much water from the bucket as they can. Then they will pass the sponge over their head to the person behind them. That person will then pass the sponge between their legs to the person behind them. This over-under pattern will continue down the line until the last person in line gets the water soaked sponge.

Step 5: When the last person in line gets the sponge they will hurry and squeeze out as much water as they can into the jug behind them. When satisfied with their efforts they must then race to the front of the line, re-soak the sponge and begin the over-under process again by passing the sponge over their head to the person behind them.

Step 6: The team that’s the first to fill their bucket with 3-6 inches of water wins the game (adjust the measurement as you see fit). This is a great option for pool party games.

Note: If a team member drops the sponge during a pass he or she must pick up the sponge, race to the front of the line, re-soak the sponge and start the pass over by passing overhead. If a team member passes under when they should have passed over (and vice versa), that team member must also come out of line, head to the front of the line and restart the pass. Remind teams that they want to “rise” the water in their jug. Not waste time “running” to the front of the line because of passing errors (rise over run).

Other Pool Games:

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Trust you’ll have a splashing good time with these pool party games. These swimming games are sure to give you the swimming pool fun you’ve been after. Remember to add them to your choice pool party games.

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