Kids Outdoor Relay Games

Are you in search of kids outdoor relay games? You’ve arrived at a great source of children’s outdoor games that are sure to please. Here you’ll discover outdoor games for children that can be used at just about any outdoor event.

These fun games embrace the competitive fun found in relays and are perfect for children’s outdoor games. So if you’re looking for some awesome outdoor games for children you’ll be very happy with the kid’s outdoor relay games provided here for you to enjoy.

Speed Shot Relay

This fun game is an excellent choice for kids outdoor relay games. Though speed is an obvious relay factor, teamwork and skill also play a role in this game. There will be lots of entertaining cheers with this outdoor game for children. This is a competitive choice for kids outdoor relay games.

What You’ll Need: 8 bandanas or rope, ball pit balls, large container, sand & 2 buckets

How to Play:

Step 1: Create 3 challenge zones that are about 15 or more feet apart (considering the age of the players). In zone #1: make a starting line facing the other 2 zones behind which the players will stand. In zone #2: place the large container which will be filled with sand. Make a line on the side of zone #2 for players to stand behind (as they’ll be shooting balls from this zone). In zone #3: place the 2 buckets. One bucket will be for team #1 and the other for team #2 (simply place additional buckets should you desire to have more than 2 teams).

Step 2: Create 2 or more teams of 4. Using the colors from the ball pit balls; assign 1 color to each team. Place all the ball colors that have been assigned in the large container located in zone #2 (be certain there is an equal number of balls for each color). Fill the large container with sand so that all the balls are hidden (be sure to mix the colors of all the selected balls and layer them with the sand so all the balls or all one color are not at the bottom).

Step 3: Using the bandanas or rope, take the 4 members of each team and tie the left wrist of each member to the right wrist of the other members. Then tie the left ankle of each member to the right ankle of the other members. When finished, the 4 members of each team should be tied together in a circle facing one another. Position the teams at the starting line of zone #1.

Step 4: Instruct the teams that at the “go” signal they must race to 1st untie themselves. Once every member of the team has been successfully untied, one member must race to zone #2 and dig up 1 ball with their team’s assigned color while the other team members wait behind the starting line. Once a ball is found, that team member must then stand behind the shot line of zone #2 and try to shoot the ball into the team’s bucket which is located in zone #3.

Step 5: Regardless of whether the ball lands in the team’s bucket or not, the player must only make one attempt, run back to his teammates in zone #1, high-five the next teammate who must run to zone #2, dig up a team-colored ball, stand behind the shot line and try to make the shot. This rotation will continue until one team successfully get 4 balls with their teams color into the team’s bucket. The first team to land 4 balls into their bucket wins Speed Shot Relay! Add this to your kid’s outdoor relay games.

Hand Tie Relay

Kids outdoor relay games can be some of the most entertaining activities of any outdoor event. Here’s a simple relay that will meet your need to find children’s outdoor games. This fun game is pretty straight forward yet has enough of a challenge which makes it a great pick for outdoor games for children.

What You’ll Need: ball pit balls, bandanas or rope & 1 roll of tissue paper

How to Play:

Step 1: Create 2 teams of 4. Make a straight or circular track area with 4 handoff points that are of equal distance apart (use painters tape to mark the handoff points on hard service areas and small flags to mark the handoff points on softer areas like grass). The distance from one handoff point to the other should be equal yet considerate of the player’s age. Create a finish line beyond the 4th handoff point that is of equal distance as all the other handoff points. Mark the finish line by stretching out a roll of tissue paper across the area.

Step 2: Position 1 player from each team at the 4 handoff points. Use bandanas or rope and tie together the wrists of all the players. Place 3-5 ball pit balls in the hands of the players that are standing at the starting point (adjust the number of balls according to the age of the children).

Step 3: At the “go” signal, the team members positioned at the starting point will run as fast as they can to their teammate who is at the 2nd position and successfully pass all the balls to that teammate. The 2nd team member will hand off to the 3rd, the 3rd to the 4th and the 4th takes it to the finish line. If any of the balls are dropped (which is likely because their wrist are tied) the team member who dropped the balls must pick them up, return to their handoff point (not the beginning but rather the point at which they were standing) and make another attempt to get to the next point without dropping the balls. The team that is the first to cross the finish line wins Hand Tie Relay! An excellent choice for kids outdoor relay games.

Other Outdoor Games:

You’re sure to have tons of enjoyment with these fun games. Kids outdoor relay games are a naturally good choice for children’s outdoor games. Use these games during your outdoor event and you’re sure to have the most engaging outdoor games for children.

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