Outdoor Party Games

Want outdoor party games for your next outdoor event but not sure what sort of games that should be? Take comfort because here you’ll find some fun outdoor activities that are excellent choices for outdoor fun. They’re great picks for outdoor parties or even simple family outdoor games.

A party just isn’t a party if it isn’t fun. These outdoor party games are sure to bring fun entertainment to your outdoor event. Give them a try and see just how engaging these fun outdoor activities really are. These fun games will quickly become a part of your immediate picks for outdoor fun! So let’s get started with the first look at these outdoor party games.

Kick Balls

This fun outdoor game is inspired by the familiar neighborhood game of kickball but instead of running the bases there’s a whole new challenge. This game is certain to enhance your outdoor party or even a Field Day of fun outdoor activities. You’ll definitely want to add this to your event of outdoor party games.

What You’ll Need: kick ball, bases, & tennis balls

How to Play:

Step 1: Create 2 teams of 4-6 people per team. Establish a 4 base diamond play area. It’s likely you won’t have actual base pads so use something make-shift like frisbees or sizable bean bags to create the bases. Place 3 tennis balls at equal distance in a linear fashion between all 4 bases. Place 1 tennis ball at all the bases except home base (as this is where the ball will be kicked).

Step 2: Determine which team will kick and which team will take the field. The team that takes the field (let’s call them team “A”) must then position 1 team member on all the bases except the home base and 1 team member in the center of the diamond facing the home base. Those team members positioned on the bases should stand behind the tennis balls that have been placed at the base. The player centered in the diamond will be the one to roll the ball to the other team’s kicker who will be standing at the home base. All other team members of team A should be positioned anywhere outside the diamond and preparing to catch the ball.

The other team (let’s call them team “B”) must select one team member to kick-off the ball from home base. All other team members of team B must be outside the diamond behind the home base and waiting for their turn to kick.

Step 3: The goal of team A is to stop the other team from collecting the tennis balls that surround the diamond by capturing the kick ball (kicked by team B) and hitting the team B player trying the gather the balls. Once the player is hit by the ball, that player is out and the balls that were collected are then disqualified. If the player trying to collect the balls makes it to any of the bases before being hit then that player is safe and the balls collected will be counted (unlike baseball or kickball, the bases are only there for refuge – there is no running order).

The goal of team B is for each kicker to gather as many tennis balls as possible before being hit or running to one of the bases. One at a time, one player from team B will kick the ball and make a dash to grab as many balls as possible. If the kicker feels threatened, he/she may run to a base for safety. Once the kicker lands on base, he/she cannot continue to try and collect more balls because… though base is safety it also terminates the player’s run.

Step 4: Rules to Note:

  • After a kick, if the ball is caught by the opposing team before it hits the ground – that kicker is then out.
  • Unlike baseball or kickball, the bases are only there for refuge and there is no running order.
  • The kicker may run to base for safety BUT running to safety means the player may not collect any more balls until he/she rotates for another kick.
  • Balls collected may only be carried. Players may not stuff balls in their clothing to avoid dropping them.
  • If a kicker is hit by the opposing team, the balls collected are then disqualified and recaptured by the other team. That team will then return the balls back to the field but have the right to strategically place the balls. The balls, however, may only be between the bases and/or on the bases as fashioned initially.

Step 5: The team that uses the least amount of players to collect all the tennis balls or the team with the least amount of players to receive an “out” wins Kick Balls! Now, is this great for outdoor party games? Yep!

Limited Luck

Your outdoor party games will certainly do well with this fun game. Its a game of skill and luck that has a great carnival type feel that’s great for fun outdoor activities. It’s suitable for just about any party that involves outdoor gaming. It’s also a great choice for a simple day of family outdoor games. Be sure to add this to your list of outdoor party games.

What You’ll Need: balloons, paper, pen/marker, robe or string, darts print page

How to Play:

Step 1: Create 10 circles. Write the numbers 1-10 in each circle placing 1 number per circle (or simply click here to print). Cut out the circles and place each circle into a balloon; one circle per balloon. Repeat this process about 2-3 times. This will create 20-30 balloons (the more players you have the more balloons you’ll need so adjust accordingly).

Step 2: Find a wall or fence that would be a great place for a make-shift dartboard. Create a make-shift dart board by using a square or rectangular piece of foam, cardboard, cork, or whatever material you have available that the darts will penetrate. Attach this material to the upper portion of the wall or fence.

Step 3: Cut a long strip of thin robe or party ribbon that is equal to the width of the material which you’ve attached to the wall or fence. Tie a portion of the balloons unto the robe or ribbon creating a single piece. Attach the piece horizontally to your make-shift dartboard. Cut more strips of robe or ribbon, attach the remaining balloons to the strips and attach the strips horizontally to your dartboard.

Step 4: Create 2-3 teams with 2-3 people per team. Create a boundary line on the ground that is about 10 or so feet away from your dartboard by marking out a line with chalk or painters tape. Teams will stand behind this line when throwing the darts.

Step 5: At the “go” signal, teams (and team members) will take turns throwing the darts in an attempt to strike a balloon. When a team successfully strikes a balloon they are to collect the number that falls from that balloon and continue to do so for each balloon they pop.

Step 6: The goal of each team is to try and gather a total of 25 or get as close to 25 as possible without exceeding. When a team feels they have gotten close enough to the number they may opt to stop popping any more balloons by yelling “Limit” and the number they have chosen to limit their luck with (example: “LIMIT 23!”). This then challenges the other team(s) to use their luck to get closer to 25 in order to win. The team that gets closest to 25 without exceeding wins Limited Luck! This is a great choice for outdoor party games.

Balloon Dart

Here’s a great game for outdoor summer fun. It’s a game of skill, speed, and a good aim. So get ready to have a splashing good time and be sure to add this to your list of outdoor party games.

What You’ll Need: several water balloons & 2 buckets

How to Play:

Step 1: Let the outdoor party games continue! Create a large rectangular perimeter alongside a wall or fence (using chalk, painters tape, spray paint, etc.). This perimeter should be large enough for someone to dodge around in. Try not to make it too large as staying within the perimeter is a part of the challenge (5 x 3 is fair).

Step 2: Fill several water balloons with water. Fill 2 buckets with as many water balloons as possible. Create a boundary line a few feet in front of the rectangular perimeter.

Step 3: Establish 2 teams with 1 person per team and place them behind the boundary line. Give each team a bucket of water balloons. Have one person who is not a member of either team stand within the rectangular perimeter – he or she is the target.

Step 4: Randomly determine which team will go first. At the “go” signal, each team will one at a time take turns and attempt to hit the target with a water balloon. So team #1 will make an attempt, which will be immediately followed by an attempt from team #2 then back to team #1 and so on. The idea is to keep the target moving.

The first team to hit the moving target twice wins Balloon Dart! The winning team then takes the place of the target and the game is played again with a new target. This is an awesome choice for outdoor party games.

Other Outdoor Games:

These outdoor party games are sure to bring lots of fun to your party. By making them a part of your fun outdoor activities, your party is sure to bring a level of fun your guests may not have expected. These fun games are not only great for outdoor party games but can also be great for family outdoor games. Give them a try and see just how well they fit into your outdoor fun!

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