Guide to Playing Psych Online and Offline

Psych is another game made by the creators of Heads Up!, so expect this to be as hilariously fun. It’s a trivia quiz with a twist! Players need to come up with fake answers to the trivia questions, which they will also answer at a later time. You score a point if you get the correct answer or if you outwit your friends by picking the fake answer you entered. There are lots of trivia categories to choose from, promising long periods of gameplay. Find the correct answer and Psych up your friends in selecting the wrong one!

How To Play

Game Requirements

  • Psych app

Psych doesn’t need any resources other than your smartphone. You can play it with your friends at non Gamstop Casinos accepting PayPal. It’s an excellent game to pass the time and kill boredom at home, on a car ride, or during breaks.

Objectives of the Game

The goal of the game is to answer trivia questions and earn the most points at the end of each round. The challenge is, the choices you’re provided include the correct answer and all the fake answers made by your friends to Psych you up!

So, can you choose the right option among the outrageous fake answers made by your witty friends? Get points by guessing the correct answer, and for every player that you trick into picking yours!

You can select how many rounds you would like to play. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!


1. Invite your friends.

2. Choose a category.

3. Enter a fake answer.

4. Pick the correct one.


There are various strategies you can use to win the game. When suggesting fake answers, try to provide seemingly correct answers. If the question is asking for the name of a scientist, come up with realistic names that can confuse other players.

However, if the question is too difficult and you just want to enjoy the game, you can input silly answers, like ‘Professor Kind,’ ‘Doctor Thing,’ or ‘Captain Intelligent.’ If they really don’t know the answer, they just might pick yours!

How To Play the Game Remotely

Psych is a perfect game to play with your friends and family, even from a distance. Be it if you’re on vacation, in another state, or just practicing physical isolation, you can use video conferencing apps to stay connected and make fun memories. Zoom is a great app to set up a game night with the participants.

If ever, you or your friends and family haven’t done a Zoom call before, don’t fret! Here is a quick walkthrough you could follow to set up your Psych game night!

Step 1. Have everyone download and install Zoom on your device. Sign up and set up your account.

Step 2: After everyone created your account, you can now either join or host a meeting.

Step 3: If you’re in charge of setting up the game night, simply click on ‘Host A Meeting’ with video on.

Step 4: Share the unique meeting ID with your friends and family. Have them click the link so they could hop into the room.

Step 5: Once everyone is in, you can now start playing the Psych and start a hilariously fun game night!

Aside from Zoom, there are other video conferencing sites you could also consider, such as:

Discord is a video conferencing app initially designed for online gamers. But, it can also work incredibly great for your Psych game night marathon! You can add up to 10 people hop into the video call. Moreover, it’s video sharing can be handy if ever you will need it.

Houseparty is a relatively young site but is quickly rising in popularity. Start a Psych game night and have up to 8 people participate in the fun. Have a virtual house party and outwit your friends with your ridiculous answers!

Where to Buy

Before playing the game, see to it that everyone has downloaded the Psych app in their smartphones.