Learn All About the Game of Crokinole


If you enjoy games like Carrom, hot wheels, or finger-flicking games, you’ll definitely want to give crokinole a try. It’s a fast, enjoyable, and highly addictive dexterity game that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, it’s a game of strategy that won’t cease to capture your focus and interest until the end. … Read more

Board Games Families Played in the 90s

2 men and 2 girls playing Monopoly board game

Is there a particular board game that revives so many memories of your childhood or your family’s strong bond when you were young? Perhaps, you still keep some boards you had because of the happy memories along with them. The 1990s were a golden age for board games, especially for friends and … Read more

Guide to Trivial Pursuit

Guide to Trivial Pursuit

If you love trivia and board games, why not blend the best of both worlds by playing Trivial Pursuit? While the game’s primary goal is pretty simple: answering the questions correctly, this general knowledge board game has its mechanics and twists, making things a little complicated but genuinely a lot more exciting! … Read more

What Board Games Were Played in the 1960s

Thrilling Experience for a Team of Friends With Escape Room

The 60s were the golden era for many toys, especially board games. Many of the games we know and enjoy today were first introduced in the ‘60s as entertainment for children and the whole family. The board game business boomed during the era as families grew bigger and parents became more generous … Read more

Board Games That Can Be Played by the Visually Impaired

Board Games That Can Be Played by the Visually Impaired

Board games are an excellent activity for families and friends spending time together. While it can be competitive, others provide a great opportunity for spending time with the people close to you. While games are usually extremely visual, it doesn’t mean that players who are blind can’t get the full experience. The … Read more

History of the Game “The Settlers of Catan”

The Settlers of Catan

With sales nearing 25 million copies worldwide, Settlers of Catan (most commonly known as Catan) is becoming the most popular board game since Monopoly and Risk. It’s also the first German board game to sell outside Europe, and over the years, it’s gone on to win awards. When it was first released in 1995, … Read more

Can You Play Scattergories Online?

Play Scattegories Online

Scattergories is a fantastic word game you can play with your friends and family. It emphasizes creative thinking and tests your vocabulary and trivial skills. Released by Milton Bradley in 1988, Scattergories is a party game that was enjoyed much during the late ‘80s to ‘90s, but it still remains interesting today. … Read more

Board Games from the 80s You Can Play Today

A Trivial Pursuit board game on a table

Though the technology has become more modern and hundreds of new games are being developed every season, the charm of the classic board games that bring about precious childhood memories is yet to beat. There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting together with family or friends, challenging each one in a friendly … Read more

The Most Famous Chess Matches of All Time

chessboard, chess pieces

Chess is a rich game with a millennium of history and more than two billion games played on just one online website! The centuries-old mind sport has evolved through time, and in the last five decades, it has truly transformed into a professional, viewer-friendly sport. Classic matches in professional chess have been … Read more

Board Games that History Buffs Would Love

board game, board game pieces

Monopoly, step aside! Several board games use the past as inspiration, ranging from simple card games to world-saving, multi-hour epics for history buffs. If you go beyond the (un)holy trio of Risk, Monopoly, and Cluedo, board games can take you pretty much everywhere in history – from the Roman Empire and ancient … Read more