Fun Team Building Games

Looking for fun team building games? Here you’ll find some fun team building activities that are sure to please. These fun games are a great way to spotlight the importance of teamwork and analyze a groups ability to function effectively as a team.

Everyone likes to get things for free and these free team building games are just that. Use these free and fun team building games the next time you need to boost the morale in the company or even pump up the enthusiasm in a general group.

Sure, you can call a meeting or give scripts about the importance of working together as a team OR you could really grab the attention of your group with the use of fun team building games. These fun team building activities will certainly spark a team spirit of fun.

The Color Letter Box (CL Box)

Your need for fun team building games will certainly be met with this fun game. This team building activity challenges teams to work together and strategize all while being mindful of time constraints. It’s a great way to see how well the team is able to function. To find out let the fun team building games begin!

What You’ll Need: colored paper, paint or crayons, black marker & square box

How to Play:

Step 1: Get a square box and prepare to add a different color to all 6 sides. This may be accomplished with the use of crayons, paint or cut pieces of colored paper. The 6 colors to be used are: red, yellow, blue, green, orange & purple.

Step 2: After adding the colors to the box, add all 26 letters of the alphabet to the 6 sides of the box (4-5 letter per side). Only write the letters in the top & bottom corners for each side of the box. Keep in mind that 2 of the 6 sides will have to have 5 letters; for those sides, place the 5th letter in the center. It doesn’t really matter what color side you place your letters but tries to keep each individual side in alphabetical order.

Step 3: Think of 3-5 teambuilding words you’d like to focus on like: communication, flexibility & adaptation. Now using your Color Letter Box (CL Box) as a guide, find each letter for the words you’ve chosen and written down where they are located on CL Box. For example, if you needed to find the letter “c” for the word communication and the letter “c” was located on the yellow side of the CL Box in the lower left corner; you’d write down “yellow; lower left.” Do this for each letter of each word you’ve chosen to use. This is the creation of the codes that teams will later use.

Step 4: When you’ve completed noting the letter locations for each word then it’s time to alter them to make the game a bit more interesting. You’ll need to understand the following color principles: yellow + blue = green, yellow + red = orange & red + blue = purple. So when altering your code you want to change things like “yellow; lower left” to “green – blue; lower left” or “purple; upper right” to “red + blue; upper right.”

Step 5: After adding the various color principles to each letter code, make copies of the code and hand them out to each team. Make certain that the codes for each word are kept separate on the paper from the codes of another word.

Step 6: At the “go” signal, teams will work together and race to un-code the words you have chosen to focus on by using the CL Box as their key. The team that is the first to correctly un-code the words wins “The Color Letter Box!” When the words you have chosen have been successfully un-coded, use that time to make the points you feel are important in connection to teambuilding. This makes a great choice of fun team building games.

Word Map (using The Color Letter Box)

This game reuses The Color Letter Box (CL Box) giving you even more fun team building games. It’s a simplistic yet fun game that uses colorful squares to map a desired phrase, slogan or list of words. It’s a great choice for fun team building activities that will certainly challenge your group in a fun way.

What You’ll Need: Color Letter Boxes, pens or markers & paper

How to Play:

Step 1: Think of a phrase, slogan or list of words you’d like to focus on with the group then write it down. Using a clean sheet of paper or your computer, create a square for every letter in your phrase, slogan or word list. Do not place the letters inside the squares. Be sure to align the squares as the words are to be read. Include any necessary punctuations and/or symbols but place them outside of the squares that contain the letters (this is the beginning stage of your word map).

Step 2: Using The Color Letter Box (CL Box) as a reference, color each square on your word map in accordance to the color it is associated with on the CL Box. For example, if one of the words on your word map was “game” and the letter “M” is on the blue area of your CL Box then the square for the letter “M” should be blue. Note: Each team will need to have an identical Color Letter Box.

Step 3: Place at least one letter for each word of your word map into the colored squares. This will act as a guide for the players so try not to choose a letter that makes it easy to figure out the word.

Step 4: Divide the group into teams of about 4 people per team. Make copies of your word map and give 1 copy to each team. Then, provide each team with a CL Box.

Step 5: At the “go” signal, each team must try to figure out the phrase, slogan or list of words you’ve created by using the CL Box as their key and the colored squares on the word map as their guide.

So for example, let’s say the phrase to be figured out was “stay ahead of the game”; teams will try to figure out each missing letter by: (1) considering the letter in the word already provided (2) use the color of the squares for each word to refer to the CL Box and determine which letter correctly completes the word. The team that is the first to figure out the phrase, slogan or list of words wins Word Map!

Step 6: After the game has been won by one of the teams, use the after game time to discuss how the teams worked together to tackled the game challenge. When you’ve discussed the teamwork among the teams then direct the discussion to the phrase, slogan or list of words you’ve chosen to focus on. This is a good option for your selection of fun team building games.

Other Group Games:

Your group will certainly have a wonderful time playing these fun team building games. Fun games are an excellent way to enhance teamwork and these fun teambuilding activities exemplify just how teamwork works. These free team building games are simply great choices for fun games and teambuilding. Take a moment to check out the many other games available here to find more potential fun team building games.

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