Fun Indoor Party Games

Need fun indoor party games for your indoor party? Here are some great games and ideas that are sure to bring the fun and excitement you desire.

These fun indoor games are superb choices for your indoor party because you’ll want to play them again and again.

So add these indoor party games to your must play list and see just how much fun you and your guest will have. You’ll really be satisfied knowing that your party guest had a wonderful time with these fun indoor games.

Around the World

This game is an extraordinary pick for indoor party games. It’s intended to be a challenge of common knowledge that will test each players mind and ability to respond quickly. It’s a race that can only be won with quick thinking and answering.

What You’ll Need: chairs for all participants, marker and  name tags & variety of questions

How to Play:

Step 1: Generate a large number of questions from a variety of topics that can be answered fairly quickly. These questions are not to be super easy but they are to be simple enough to warrant a fairly quick answer. Examples: What national holiday is in September? What is 6 x 7? The study of the human body is called what? Florida sits nearest to what ocean?

Step 2: Instruct all the participants to grab a chair, form a circle and be seated. Give each participant a name tag and instruct them to write their name on the tag and stick the tag on the backrest of their chair.

Step 3: Advise the participants that the object of the game is to be the 1st person to make it Around the World and back to the chair they started from (which has been tagged with their name to avoid confusion). One person will start off the game by standing behind the person to their right (the person they are standing behind should remain seated). The person standing and the person who’s chair their standing behind will battle to be the first to yell out the correct answer to the question they will be asked.

Step 4: Of the two, the person who is the first to yell out the correct answer will move forward in the game by standing behind the chair of the next person to the right of the circle. If the person who was standing behind the chair loses the question to the person who was seated then he or she must sit in the chair of the person they were standing behind – not return to their chair. If the players take more than 10 seconds to answer a question then shuffle that back and move on to the next question (the unanswered question will eventually resurface later on).

Step 5: Continue asking quick answer questions until one person makes it back to their chair. The first person to make it around the circle and back to the chair they started wins Around the World! You’ve just got to add this to your indoor party games list.

Note: The game is best played with questions that vary in topic but it can be altered to be topic specific if you so desire. It is also best played with questions that have one-word answers so to try to form your questions in a way that only requires a single word answer.

Less is More

Indoor party games have just gotten better with this fun game. Its a game of chance that requires players to gain less instead of more. It includes a simple variation which gives you two great options for indoor fun. It’s the right choice for fun indoor party games.

What You’ll Need: balloons, string, paper, marker & scissors

How to Play:

Step 1: Using sheets of paper (colored paper is a great option), create 36 squares. Write the numbers 1-6 in each square (one number per square). Then create 9 more squares and do the following: write Double in 3 squares, Double Negative in 3 squares and Pass in 3 squares.

Step 2: Cut out the squares then fold them. Take each folded square and place them into a balloon (one square per balloon). Blow up the balloons and tie them off. Get 1-3 long pieces of string and attach all the balloons to the string(s). Hang the string(s) from one end of the party space to the other (similar to decorative string lights).

Step 3: Create 45 questions as 45 is the total number of balloons that make up the game (these questions are omitted in the variation – see below). These fun questions may be completely random, topic-specific or related to the party’s theme.

Step 4: Establish 3 teams with 1-3 players per team. Each team will take turns answering questions. The goal is to be the team with the lowest total at the end of the game because in this game – less is more. If the team answers correctly they are awarded 2 rescue points (which act as negatives) and a chance to pop 1 balloon of their choice. The number that falls from the balloon is added to their score while the rescue points awarded are subtracted from their score. If the team answers incorrectly they are not awarded any rescue points but must also pop a balloon of their choice.

Step 5: If a team pops a balloon that contains the word Double then the next number they pop from a balloon must be doubled and added to their score. If a team pops a balloon that contains the words Double Negative then the next number they pop from a balloon must be doubled and subtracted from their score. If a team pops a balloon that contains the word Pass then the next number they pop from a balloon may be passed and added to the score of another team of their choice. The team with the lowest point total at the end of the game wins Less is More! Should you add this to your indoor party games? Yeah… you should.

Variation: Don’t want to create questions for this game? No worries. It can still be played as a simple game of chance. Just skip step 3 and have each team take turns popping 1 balloon at a time. The team with the lowest total after all the balloons have been popped wins the game. There will be no rescue points given as they are an award for correct answers. So there you have it; indoor party games with convenient options.

Other Indoor Games:

There’s no doubt these indoor party games are going to take your party to levels of laughter and fun. You’ll definitely want to use these games over and over because they’re simply fun games. So make them a part of your party or your top choice whenever you’re in the mood to enjoy some fun indoor games!

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