Adult Party Game

Interested in adult party game time that is clean, classy, and tons of fun? If you’re looking for adult games for your next adult gathering or birthday celebration then these fun games are just the thing for you.

There are lots of ways to include party games for adults that feel age appropriate yet are bursting with child-like fun. So choose the adult party game that will make your gathering a time of fun and celebration. These are party games for adults and are excellent party games adults will love.

Schoolhouse Rock

This game is very similar to the family game of Do My Dance but instead of a family challenge its an adult party game. Party guests will have a blast as they work together to choreograph a jammin win. Get ready to return to school day dances like the Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch, Street Hustle, Toosie Roll, Ska or whatever dance matches your high school and/or college years.

What You’ll Need: music

How to Play:

Step 1: To begin this adult party game, create teams with 2-3 people per team and give each team a number. Instruct teams to think of and agree on 3 dances that used to be popular during their school day era. Advise teams that these 3 dances must be choreographed into a 1-2 minute performance. No current dances permitted.

Step 2: Allow the teams 10-15 minutes to select a song and choreograph their old school dances (this works best if teams go to different rooms or areas of the party space).

Step 3: As the teams prepare, select a panel of three judges who will be rating the teams on a scale of 1-10 for choreography, execution and crowd response.

Step 4: When the teams have had enough time to prepare, one by one, have each team take the floor to perform their old school dance routine. The judges will score each category for each team on a scale of 1-10 then add the 3 scores to get a total for each team. The team with the highest score wins Schoolhouse Rock! This is a rocking adult party game!

Decoding Quotes

This adult party game uses a fun decoding challenge to spark interesting adult conversation and inspiration. Players will race independently to brake the codes and reveal the hidden quotes. This is a great party game for adults because it opens the door to good fun and real truth all at the same time.

What You’ll Need: pens/pencils, paper, scissors & optional printout (click here to print pdf.)

How to Play:

Note: Creating the code is an optional step as the above printout has code already created for you. If you prefer, however, to code your own quotes for this game then follow steps 1-7. If you’re happy to use the quotes already provided then move on to steps 3-7.

Step 1: To create the code, first write down the phrase or quote to be decoded. Divide the words of the phrase or quote into boxes with 3-4 words in each box.

Step 2: Starting with one box, divide the letters of all the words in the box by 2. Place the 1st half in group 1 and the 2nd half in group 2. If the total number of letters equals an odd number then add the extra letter to the first group. To create the code, write the 1st letter in group 1 then write the 1st letter in group 2. Now write the 2nd letter in group 1 then write the 2nd letter in group 2.

So for example, if your phrase was “FUN GAMES” divide all the letters by 2 (Group 1: “FUNG” ,Group2: “AMES” ). Now write the 1st letter of Group 1 then the 1st letter of Group 2 (cross out the letters as you go along to avoid errors). Write the 2nd letter of Group 1 then the 2nd letter of Group 2. Continue this pattern and you will have created a code that looks like this: “FAUMNEGS”. Do this for each box of your phrase or quote (view printout for an example).

Step 3: Now that you can create the code, its time to play the game! If you opted not to create your own code, print the above printout and take a look at the decoding example provided. Players will decode the quotes by writing every other letter of the code. When players arrive at the end of the code line they must return to the beginning starting with the second letter of the code and continue writing every other letter until they’ve reached the end. A close look will reveal the hidden words.

Step 4: Print out as many printouts as there will be players. Cut the printouts in half as indicated by the dashed lines. Keep all the corresponding codes together.

Step 5: Distribute the codes one at a time and face-down starting with the first one (Code 1). At the “go” signal, players will flip their paper over and race to tbe the first to decode their entire quote (meaning Code 1A-Code 1C). When a player feels they have decoded their quote they must yell out “I quote” then begin declaring the quote. Players are awarded 10 points for being the first to correctly decode the quote.

Step 6: Before moving on to the next code, use the decoded quote as a means to evoke an interesting discussion about the quote. Discuss: How true it is; How it may not necessarily be true; Life experiences that confirm or negate the quote; The author of the quote; etc. After the brief discussion, distribute the next quote face-down and signal the players when to flip their papers over and begin to decode.

Step 7: The final quote on this printout (Code 15) has an extra challenge. Players must decode each box just as before but this time the boxes are not in order. So players must decode each box then rearrange the words to correctly complete the quote. The first player to correctly complete Code 15 earns 20 points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins Decoding Quotes! Want an interesting adult party game – this is it.

Other Birthday Party Games:

You’re going to have tons of fun with these adult party game selections. They include old school fun and intellectual challenges that make excellent party games for adults. So if you were looking for party games adults would enjoy then you’ve found fun games that are perfect for adult birthday parties or simply a general gathering.

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