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Looking for indoor team building games? You’ve arrived at a great source of indoor games for team building fun. These fun games provide an awesome way to turn groups of people into functioning teams. Players will have tons of fun with these indoor teambuilding games.

So be sure to add these indoor games to your list of fun games because your guests or groups are sure to love them. Not only are these great teambuilding games but these games can be reused for a variety of purposes. Use these indoor games at birthday parties, family game nights, baby showers and lots more!


This indoor teambuilding game is an artistic game of speed and teamwork. Players are challenged to work together and sketch an identifiable image under serious time constraints. It’s a game of quick thinking and lightning execution. This fun game is a wonderful choice for indoor games and an excellent pick for teambuilding games.

What You’ll Need: dry erase board/chalkboard/paper, timer, index cards, markers/chalk/pens/pencils.

How to Play:

Step 1: Create a list of items on index cards (1 item per card) that players will be challenged to sketch. Try to keep the list limited to specific items (keyhole, bowling pin, etc.) and not scenes of multiple objects. This list may have a theme that relates to the focus of the gathering or it may be a list of random items (random items are more challenging).

Step 2: Establish 2 or more teams of 4 to 6 people per team. Give each team 1 sketch pad (dry erase/chalkboard or paper pad). Designate one person from each team to be the beholder. The beholder is the person from each team that will try and determine what the team has drawn.

Step 3: Instruct each team to sit in a U-shape and instruct the beholder of each team to sit in the opening of the U facing his/her team. This positioning allows the sketch pad to be easily passed and prevents the beholder from seeing the sketch until the sketch should be seen.

Step 4: When all the teams are positioned to play, choose 1 index card and show each team what has been chosen – do not show the beholder. At the “go” signal, one person from each team will have 10 seconds to sketch the object shown. At the end of 10 seconds, teammates will pass the sketch pad to the next person on their team who will also only have 10 seconds to pick up where the previous teammate left off. The sketch pad will be passed until everyone on the team has had a chance to try and complete the sketch. Teammates are not permitted to communicate.

Step 5: When everyone on each team has had a 10 second chance to complete the sketch, call “pause” and the last person holding the sketch pad from each team will (when told) display the sketch to their beholder. The beholder then has 5 seconds and 1 guess to determine what their teammates have sketched. The beholder that guesses the sketch correctly earns 1 point for their team. If none of the beholders guess correctly then the sketch pad is passed around again allowing teams to improve on their sketch. If after the 3rd pass of the same sketch the beholders still cannot guess the item – move on to another item from the list.

Step 6: When a team has earned 3 points by getting their beholder to correctly guess 3 items from the list then its time to rotate all the beholders from each team and replace them with another person from their team. The goal of each beholder is to quickly earn 3 points for their team. When 1 beholder from any team earns 3 points, all teams must rotate to another beholder. The team that has the most points when the last teammate has rotated wins Sketch! You’ll love adding this to your collection of indoor team building games.

Scattered Pictures

This fun game is a definite pick if you’re after indoor teambuilding games. It calls for critical thinking and a good eye. In this game, teams will work together to solve incomplete puzzles. The puzzle can only reach completion when team members successfully do their assigned part. This challenge is great for indoor team building games and various occasions of fun!

What You’ll Need: 2 tables, scissors, Ziploc bags, markers, optional print page (click to print pdf.).

How to Play:

Step 1: Print out the print page on a sturdy sheet of paper or glue the page to a piece of cardboard once printed (so as to keep the pieces firm once they’ve been cut). Cut the puzzle down the center as indicated by the red line. Take the 1st half of the puzzle and cut out all the squares. Place those squares in a Ziploc bag and label the bag Team #1 Part-1. Cut out the other half of the puzzle, place the pieces in another Ziploc bag and label that bag Team #1 Part-2. Repeat this step to create Team #2 Part-1 & Part-2 bags.

Step 2: Create 2 teams of 2 or 4 people per team. Position one team at table #1 and the other team at table #2. Position half the members of each team on opposites ends of their table. Give the bags labeled Team #1 Part-1 to half of Team #1 and Part-2 to the other half. Do the same for Team #2.

Step 3: At the “go” signal, teams #1 & #2 will open their bags and work together in a race to complete their puzzle. Team member(s) working on Part 1 of the puzzle must complete their portion of the puzzle before combining their half with the team member(s) that is working on Part 2 – and vice versa. If one side of the same team completes their half of the puzzle before the other, they may help the other side with verbal commands only – no touching of the puzzle pieces.

Step 4: When both parts of the puzzle are completed by the team, teams must then merge their halves together to complete the puzzle. The team that is the 1st to successfully complete their puzzle wins Scattered Pictures! This is a great choice for indoor team building games.

Note: The print page is optional. If you do not want to use the print page image for your puzzle challenge simply print and cut an image of your choice.

Other Indoor Games:

Really hope you enjoyed these indoor teambuilding games and trust they will add lots of fun to your indoor games. Use these fun games as well as the many other games available from this site to add more activities to your indoor team building games and other occasions of fun!

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