Activities for Teens

In search of activities for teens that are entertaining and fun? Here you’ll find free party games that are great fun for teen birthdays, social events or whatever occasion fun entertaining is useful.

Finding activities for teens can be a bit of a daunting challenge as they don’t want games that are too childish or stuffy. What to do?

Eliminate the guesswork and frustration because these free party games are really a great option. Teens will have loads of fun sharing these activities with their friends and siblings. Use these activities for teens during your next birthday party and other events and see the fun in action! Now let’s start the fun with these great activities for teens.

Memory Frame

Use this game for teen birthday parties and other social gatherings. It’s a memory game that requires speed and teamwork. In the end, this free party game incorporates a memorable gift for the guest of honor. The search for activities for teens is certainly satisfied with this fun game.

What You’ll Need: dry-erase/chalkboard, computer & printer, double-sided tape, picture frame, 2 Ziploc bags, whistle & timer

How to Play:

Step 1: Using a dry erase or chalkboard, create a message for the birthday teen or guest of honor. This message should be at least a paragraph long and can be heartfelt, humorous, silly, etc. Display the message in the party space where guests are likely to see it (do not make special mention of it to the guests).

Step 2: With the use of a computer, duplicate the message by using various fonts and colors. Be sure to enlarge the fonts as all the words will need to fit proportionately within the picture frame. Print the page(s) and cut out each word. Mix up the words, place them in a Ziploc bag and label the bag Team #1. Repeat this step to create another bag for Team #2.

Step 3: Create 2 teams of 2-3 people per team. Assign each member of the first team a number starting with the #1 (do the same for the 2nd team being sure to start again with the #1). Position them in an area that does not allow them to directly see the message displayed on the board (though the message should remain on display in a nearby location).

Step 4: At the “go” signal, teams will open their bags and attempt to put the words of the message together in the correct order within 60 seconds. If after 60 seconds have passed and none of the teams are successful then blow the whistle and instruct person #1 from each team to run to the displayed message to take a peak. Give them 10 seconds to peak then blow the whistle again to inform that time is up and they must return to their team to help with the message.

Step 5: Give the team another 60 seconds to successfully duplicate the displayed message. If after another 60 seconds the teams aren’t able to solve the message, blow the whistle again to allow person #2 from each team to get a 10-second peak. Continue this pattern until one team successfully arranges the words to match the displayed message. This team is the winner! But it doesn’t stop there.

Step 6: The winning team now has the privilege of capturing this message and making the event memorable for the birthday teen or guest of honor. Instruct the winning team to take the words they have just arranged and place them in the picture frame using double-sided tape. The various fonts and colors create a wonderful display of the message while framing it makes it artistic memorabilia. Present the finished work as a gift to the birthday teen or guest of honor. This makes a great choice if you’re in the market for activities for teens.

Note: If the picture frame you use has matting be sure to consider the size of the matting when determining the font size of your words as you do not want the matting to obscure the message. As an added touch, have the guests sign the matting of the frame to make the memory frame all the more special.

Match Puzzle Race

This game is similar to the above Memory Frame game but has more of a challenge. It too challenges memory and speed and is a great option if you need activities for teens. It’s more free party games that are awesome for just about any occasion!

What You’ll Need: 3 blank sheets of paper, scissors, double-sided tape, Ziploc bags, timer & optional printout

How to Play:

Step 1: Print the optional printout which contains 3 different puzzles and 3 clean examples of the puzzle images (feel free to create your own puzzles as the printout is abstract). Cut out the 1st puzzle, mix the pieces, place them in a Ziploc bag and label the bag Puzzle #1. Repeat this process for all 3 puzzles labeling the bags accordingly (Puzzle #2 & Puzzle #3). Note that each team you intend to work with will need Puzzles #1-#3 so you’ll need to put together 3 bags for each team.

Step 2: Take the 3 clean examples of the puzzles and tape them up in an area of the play space. Use 3 blank pieces of paper and cover each image in a manner that the image can be revealed when the paper is lifted.

Step 3: Create 2 or more teams of 2-3 people per team. Give each team a bag with Puzzles #1-#3 being certain that each team has all 3 puzzles.

Step 4: At the “go” signal, teams will open their bag of Puzzle #1 pieces and race to put them together. After 60 seconds have passed, have someone lift (not remove) the cover paper from the example images that have been taped up so the teams can get a glimpse of what the puzzle should look like. After 10 seconds have passed, re-cover the example images. Teams must use their memory to make full use of the mere 10-second glimpse they are afforded to complete their puzzle. Continue to reveal the example images for 10 seconds every 60 seconds.

Step 5: Once a team has completed their Puzzle #1 then and only then may they move on to their next puzzles (Puzzles #2 & #3 in that order). Continue to reveal the example images for 10 seconds every 60 seconds. The team that correctly completes all 3 of their puzzles wins Match Puzzle Race! Expand your activities for teens with this fun selection.

Other Birthday Party Games:

Hope you found these activities for teens to be the type of fun games you look forward to utilizing. Implement these free party games at your upcoming teen birthday party or social gathering and see just how much these games are enjoyed.

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