Games for a Baby Shower (Twisted Classics)

Looking for fun games for a baby shower that aren’t quite the same as the typical games played at baby showers? Want baby shower games to play that change things up just a bit? Here you’ll find awesome fun games that hold the baby shower game classics in memory but twists them a little to make them feel fresh!

These fun baby shower games are a great way to keep the traditional games that a few people may expect while presenting something new – which most are certain to appreciate.

Having great games for a baby shower is key to having a fun and social shower that everyone will be glad to have attended. Searching for unique games for a baby shower or any other event can be quite the task. End your search by taking advantage of these great games made available to you.

Baby Food Throwdown

This fun baby shower game takes the classic baby food guessing game and turns it into a throwdown. Instead of tasting and guessing, guests are made aware of the baby food flavors and challenged to use them. What they do is limited only by their creativity. If you’re looking for classic games for a baby shower with a twist then this is the choice for you.

What You’ll Need: fruit-flavored jars of baby food, veggie flavored jars of baby food, disposable gloves, timer & score sheet (click here to print pdf.)

How to Play:

Step 1: Get a variety of baby food that are both fruit and vegetables. Consider the number of teams you intent to have and make sure each team gets the same amount and the same flavors. Each team will need 2 flavors of fruit (suggestion: banana, pear, [or even pudding], etc.) and 2 flavors of vegetables (suggestion: peas, carrot, squash, etc.). The flavors the teams have to work with are determined by you and what’s available at your local market.

Step 2: Organize 2 or more teams of 2. Give each team 2 fruit jars of baby food and 2 vegetable jars of baby food (each team should have the same fruits & vegetables). Teams must use the baby food to create 2-bit size fruit appetizers and 2-bit size vegetable appetizers by pairing the baby food with other items provided like the following examples:

  • For the fruitangel cake, graham crackers, Nutella, wafers, cookies, chocolate, marshmallows, fresh fruit, etc.
  • For the vegetablessalt, pepper, hot sauce, salsa, dips, bruschetta bread, tortillas chips, fresh vegetables, etc.

What the teams use to pair their baby food with is determined by your selections. Just be certain there is enough for both teams to make use of them. Teams may use whatever pairing items are available to them but their appetizers must contain at least 1 tablespoon of baby food (be sure to assign judges to monitor the preparation).

Step 3: Teams will have 15 minutes to turn their baby food ingredients into bit size delights. When time is up, teams should have created 2 fruit appetizers and 2 veggie appetizers. Select 2 or more people to judge each team’s appetizers on a scale of 1-10 for each of the following categories: P-resentation and T-aste (see score sheet). The team with the highest score is declared throwdown champion and wins Baby Food Throwdown! Make this a part of your list of games for a baby shower.

Note: To help you save on printing, each print page contains 2 score sheets. Simply print 1 page, cut it in half and you’ve got 2 score sheets!

Belly Bet

Here’s one of those fun games for a baby shower that has become a staple – the measure mommy’s belly game. This game takes that central idea and makes measuring a visual challenge that’s less than easy. Guest will have to place their best bet. This is a fun baby shower game that many will enjoy. It’s a great addition to your list of games for a baby shower.

What You’ll Need: toilet paper, a roll of drawing paper or ribbon, colored markers, scissors, Post-its & basket

How to Play:

Step 1: Instead of giving guests toilet paper and having them guess and tear off the amount they think would measure around mommy-to-be’s belly – do the measuring for them. Secretly measure the waist of the expectant mother with a strip of toilet paper, drawing paper or ribbon. After measuring, carefully spread the strip on a flat surface. This is the winning strip.

Step 2: Cut about 6-14 more strips that are both longer and shorter than the winning strip. Position the strips vertically and randomly. Number the bottom of all the strips with colored markers (including the winning strip) being careful to keep note of which strip is the winning strip. Make a personal note of the winning strip’s number so you don’t forget which one it is.

Step 3: Create a decorative banner and hang it horizontally on a wall that is visible to all the guests. Hang the strips under the banner vertically in number order (you may also wish to add decorative elements to the strips; just be sure the numbers remain clearly visible).

Step 4: Provide the guests with post-its and instruct them to write their name at the top. Direct their attention to the area where the strips are hanging and challenge them to guess which strip fits the waist of mommy-to-be. Guests must then write the number of the strip they think is a match on the post-it, fold the post-it and drop it into the basket (be sure to give them some time to make a decision).

Step 5: Later on in the party (perhaps after mommy opens her gifts), sort through the basket to see who guessed the winning strip but don’t reveal the winner. Gather the guest then select random strips that are not the winning strip and one-by-one try to fit them to mommy-to-be’s waist (this creates great suspense).

Step 6: When the last 2-3 strips are left (which should include the winner strip) take the winning strip and fit it around mommy-to-be’s waist. The guest(s) who submitted that number wins! Your list of games for a baby shower should definitely include this one.

Note: The more guests there are the more strips you should use. Doing so will decrease the chance of multiple winners.

Scrambled Word Squares

Classic games for a baby shower include word unscrambles. This fun game takes that idea and twists it into a more fun-filled baby shower game to play. Instead of unscrambling single letters, guests are challenged to unscramble much more. This is a fun baby shower game classic with a great new twist! Your list of games for a baby shower will do well with this game.

What You’ll Need: Ziploc bags, marker & print pages.

How to Play:

Step 1: Create 2 or more teams of 2 or more people. Print out a copy of the print pages. Cut out the squares on all the pages (keep the Answer Key square for your reference). Put the cut out squares into a small bag (Ziploc bag) and mix them up. Using a marker, label the bag Team #1. Repeat this step for the number of teams you have created.

Note: If you want the squares to be a bit more firm, print the pages on a thicker paper or glue the pages to poster board or cardboard and then cut out the squares.

If you want to raise the game off the table, attach double-sided tape to the back of each square. Another option is, after making the squares more firm with the use of poster board or cardboard, glue tiny magnet pieces to the back of the squares and place them on a magnetic board. Keep in mind though that you will need enough board space for each team.

Step 2: Give each team a bag of squares and inform them that each bag contains squares that form 20 baby related words. Their challenge is to be the first team to unscramble the squares and assemble the 20 words. As a tip, let the teams know that it will take 2-3 squares to complete a word (no more than 3 squares). The team that is the first to correctly complete their 20 words wins Scrambled Word Squares! Your list of games for a baby shower should be growing quite well.

Note: The page print out includes 2 Scrambled Word Squares games. Each game has 20 words so you have 40 free words for double the baby shower games to play!

Other Shower Games:

Pretty sure you’ve found the fun games for a baby shower you’ve been searching for. These baby shower games to play are just the thing when you’re after something a little new. Add them to your list of must-do’s during your next shower and see just how much fun a baby shower game can be!

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