New Baby Shower Games

Want new baby shower games for an upcoming baby shower? Here you’ll find the unique baby shower games ideas you’re searching for.

So relax and take pleasure in knowing that you’ve uncovered a resource of fun games that everyone is sure to enjoy. These new baby shower games are a great source of fun games. They are unique baby shower games that will bring fun and freshness to the life of the party.

Mommy-to-be and her guests will be very pleased with the level of fun these baby shower games ideas will bring to the party. So, create a win-win event for everyone with these fun games. They’ll be sure to thank you.

Momma’s Having a Baby

This new baby shower game is a challenge of speed and encourages teamwork. Party guests will have tons of fun as they try to get things in the order they heard it. This unique baby shower games idea is sure fun for everyone.

What You’ll Need: double-sided scotch tape, small bag, timer & print pages

How to Play:

Step 1: Print out the print pages and create two or more teams with 2-3 people per team. Cut out the story squares, place them in a small bag (Ziploc or paper), shake the bag to mix the pieces and label the bag team #1. Print and cut out more story square repeating this step for each team.

Step 2: Instruct the teams to listen carefully as their recollection is key to winning this challenge. Read the story provided on the print page to all the teams simultaneously. When finished reading, instruct the teams to take their bag of story squares and tape them up (on a wall or board) vertically in the order they appear in the story just read.

Step 3: Give each team double sided tape and set the timer to 60 seconds. The team that correctly completes the storyline the fastest or has the most correct when the time is called wins the game. This is a great option of new baby shower games that guest will enjoy.

Clothesline Match

Here is a new baby shower games idea that will have players matching socks in a fun new way. Thought adult socks were easily lost? Baby socks can be an even tougher find. The clues on each sock will lead the players to its match but they must move quickly. This unique baby shower game idea is a fun game sure to please.

What You’ll Need: baby clothespins, small bags (Ziploc), party ribbon, timer & print pages.

How to Play:

Step 1: Print out a copy of the games print pages. Cut out the baby socks for each page (the baby socks with no text is for you to create your own if you so desire). Place the cutout baby socks, mix them up then place them in a bag (Ziploc or paper). Label the bag team #1. Repeat this step for each team you intend to have labeling each bag accordingly (team #2, team #3, etc.).

Step 2: Use party ribbon to create a clothesline for each team. The ribbon should be about 10 feet long and there should be enough space between each line for teams to work comfortably. Be certain the ends of the ribbon are tied securely.

Step 3: Create teams of two or more. Give each team a bag with the baby socks and a good amount of baby clothespins. Position the teams at one clothesline per team.

Step 4: At the go signal, each team will race to the find the match for each baby sock and pin the matching pair on the clothesline. Matches are made when a pair results in the name of the baby boy or girl to whom the socks belong. The team that gets all their socks matched first OR the team that has the most matches at the end of the time allotted (about 5 minutes should you opt to time the game) wins the game. Add this to the active section of your list of new baby shower games.

Onesie Runway

Here’s a great new baby shower games idea designed to bring out the designer in everyone. It’s a unique baby shower games idea that brings creativity and fashion to onesies in a way that’s simply fun.

What You’ll Need:

toilet paper, scotch tape, party ribbon, colored tissue paper, scissors, timer & score & description cards.

How to Play:

Step 1: Request 3-5 volunteer models from the guests and assign 2 designers to each model. Provide the designers with toilet tissue, scotch tape, party ribbon, colored tissue paper, scissors and whatever other material you feel would be good for this design challenge.

Step 2: Instruct the designers to use the materials provided to create a one-of-a-kind onesie on their model. Give each design team a description card and have them write out a brief description of their design. Instruct them to put their names or team name on the cards.

Step 3: Set the timer to about 15-20 minutes. At the “go” signal, designers must quickly design a unique onesie on their model that is fit for the runway! When the time is up, the design team must stop working and hand in their index cards.

Step 4: Give the cards from each team to an announcer and line up the models in the order they will be announced. Play some runway music and one by one, have the announcer introduce the first design team and their model. Have the model walk the runway as the announcer reads the design description written by the design team. When the first model has completed her walk, do the same for the other design teams.

Step 5: Give mommy-to-be a scorecard for each team and have her score the models as they walk the runway. When all the models have walked the runway, it’s time to declare a winner! Have mommy-to-be total the scores and hand the cards to the announcer to announce the winner of Onesie Runway!

Other Shower Games:

You’ll have loads of fun with these new baby shower games. Everyone enjoys the typical fun games at a baby shower but they’ll rave about the fun had from these unique baby shower games. Have fun with these baby shower games ideas at your next event!

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