Fun Bridal Shower Games

Want fun bridal shower games that will make the bride-to-be’s bridal shower a hit? In search of bridal shower games to play that are a bit different as well as great fun? Here you’ll find fun bridal shower party games that are a great choice for your next party.

These fun bridal shower games are sure to please as they are filled with good quality entertainment. Use these ideas for bridal shower games to add memorable fun for the bride-to-be and her guests. A bridal shower should always be a fun and joyous occasion so be certain that it is with these fun bridal shower games.

Her Life, Her Story

This fun bridal shower game focuses on the bride-to-be and her life up to this point. It’s a fun memory game that also contains a great sentimental value. If you’re looking for fun bridal shower games to play then this is an excellent choice.

What You’ll Need: several pictures of the bride-to-be, index cards & double sided tape

How to Play:

Step 1: Collect several pictures of the bride-to-be that portray her at various ages and milestones in her life (birth, 1st birthday, feeding herself, 1st day of school, recitals, new hair-dos, high school/college graduation, dating her husband-to-be, etc.). Put the pictures in sequential order.

Step 2: Use the index cards to write a short summary about the bride for each picture. Be sure to include summary details like her age, dates, and what makes the picture special. For example, if you opt to include a picture of the bride’s prom night, be sure to include things like the date (a year is fine), location & her date’s name. Use the pictures to create a decorative collage in sequential order and place the summaries next to each picture.

Step 3: When happy with the collage, use it to create about 15-20 questions that you will ask the guests. Be sure to include questions that highlight the picture and summary details they may have missed like: Did the bride-to-be wear her hair down or up for prom? Or, what year did the bride-to-be graduate college?

Step 4: Before the party, place the collage in a prominent location where all the party guests are certain to see it. Do not point it out to them or ask them to pay it special attention. At some point towards the end of the party, remove the collage from visibility, gather the guests together and begin to quiz them about the bride-to-be’s life using the questions previously prepared. The person who answers the most questions correctly wins the game! Be sure to add this to your list of fun bridal games for your next party.

Note: Questions may be presented in any form of choice: verbally or prepared question sheet that contains true or false, multiple choice and/or fill in the blank.

Rose Petals

This is a simple game that you can use as a go-to for fun bridal shower games to play. Its one of those fun bridal shower games to play that leads the bride-to-be on a prize-winning scavenger hunt. It’s an excellent opportunity to gift the bride-to-be with fun little extras that she’s sure to enjoy.

What You’ll Need: double-sided tape, rose petal printout

How to Play:

Step 1: Print out as many rose petals as you feel necessary for the hunt you will be preparing for the bride-to-be (Do not make the hunt too extensive or it will kill the fun. Limit it to 4-8 clues to keep things interesting). Prior to the party, become familiar with the party space and select 4-8 locations within the space at which to hide your clues.

Step 2: Write out your clues on each rose petal being sure that each clue leads to the next clue. For example, if the 1st clue is attached to a glass and handed to the bride-to-be (hint) and the next clue is hidden under a red vase; you may want the 1st clue to say something like: “You’ll find me under the rhyme of [case], it’s a beautiful red object in this party space.” (rhyming is a nice touch but completely optional because the fun is in the hunt – so don’t rack your brain.).

Step 3: After writing out all the clues, attach double-sided tape to the back of each petal then hide the petals wherever you would like in the party space. Make a note of all the locations within the party space that the clues will be hidden so that you’re able to keep track of the bride-to-be as she follows them (doing this will also allow you to direct the bride-to-be in case she gets stuck on a clue).

Step 4: Start the hunt by getting the guests attention and informing the bride-to-be that there’s a special something for her to enjoy but first she has to find it. A starting idea is to hand the bride-to-be a drink with the first clue attached to the glass. Instruct her to read the clues aloud.

Step 5: Be certain that the final clue leads the bride-to-be to a wonderful surprise gift that she is sure to enjoy. A good idea would be to pool the resources of all the guests and make a lovely purchase or hand-make the surprise gift. Talk about fun bridal shower party games that make the bride feel special – this is surely one of them.

Pop the Question

Here’s a game you’ll want to add to your list of fun bridal shower games. It’s a great question and answer game about the bride and groom that tests how well the guests know the soon to be newlyweds. This is an awesome level of fun that makes bridal shower party games exciting and new!

What You’ll Need: confetti, funnel, balloons, helium, timer & print questions (click here to print pdf.)

How to Play:

Step 1: Print and cut out the print questions for this game (feel free to create your own questions or add additional questions of your choice). Prior to the party, confirm the correct answers to each question and keep a reference. Take the cut out questions and fold them up as small as possible.

Step 2: Gather about 12 or more balloons. Insert the narrow part of the funnel into the opening of the balloon. When the balloon is securely fixed to the funnel, fill the balloon with confetti by pouring a small amount through the large opening on the funnel (if the confetti gets a little stuck just use a pencil to push it through).

Step 3: After putting confetti into the balloon, take one of the folded questions and funnel it into the balloon as well. Continue this process until every balloon is filled with confetti and 1 question. Now fill all the balloons with helium, tie them together, and then tie the balloons to the back of a chair in which the bride-to-be will sit during the game.

Step 4: To begin the game, divide the guests into teams of 2 or more and position the bride-to-be in the ballooned chair. Designate one guest to act as the bride’s assistant (perhaps the maid-of-honor). Each team will select a question to answer by telling the assistant which balloon to pop. The assistant will then pop the balloon of their choice over the head of the bride-to-be.

Step 5: When the balloon is popped, the confetti along with the question will fall out and over the bride-to-be. The assistant will then locate the folded question and hand it to the bride-to-be who will then read it to the team. The team will have 15 seconds to answer the question. After the 1st team answers their question the next team will then choose a balloon question to answer. Correct answers are determined by the bride-to-be.

If a team answers incorrectly or fails to answer in time, the question is then passed to the next team. Each team has 15 seconds to answer the passed question correctly. The team that answers correctly earns 1 point. If all the teams fail to answer the passed question correctly it is simply answered by the bride-to-be. The team with the most points when the last question is answered wins Pop the Question! Pop the expected by incorporating this with the fun bridal shower games you intend to play during your next party.

Other Shower Games:

You’ll have a beautiful time with these fun bridal shower games. When considering fun bridal shower games to play you’ll definitely want to incorporate these great games. Bridal shower party games are great but having the right ideas for bridal shower games ensures plenty of fun.

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