Great Indoor Games for Kids

Having indoor games for kids is a great way to keep them engaged in active fun when circumstances do not permit them to be outside.

Here you’ll uncover some really great indoor kids games that are sure to bring hours of indoor fun. The fun games don’t have to end when you can’t go outside. Cure your indoor woes with fun indoor games!

These were designed to keep fun alive for kids when the potential for fun games seems to have ended. Use these awesome indoor games for kids and see just how quickly they turn your indoor woes around. These indoor kids games are definitely the fun indoor games you’ll want to play several times over.

Basket Balls

This fun game is obviously a spin off the popular game of basketball. There isn’t much difference in terms of challenging your skills to make a basket but it also challenges your focus and memory at the same time. It’s a great fun game that requires your attention to the basket and the balls. A great choice for indoor games for kids.

What You’ll Need: 2 buckets or deep containers, ball pit balls and painters tape & timer

How to Play:

Step 1: Place 2 deep buckets or containers at fair shooting distance and assign 1 bucket to each player. Use painters tape to mark off a line behind which the players must stand. Divide the ball pit balls evenly among two players. Set the timer to 60 seconds. At the go signal, players will race the clock to land the most balls into their bucket all while trying to make note of how many shots their opponent has landed.

Step 2: When time is up, both players will call out the number of shots they believe their opponent landed by saying “opponent [and the number]!” When both players have called out their guess, examine the balls in the buckets to determine which player has the correct answer and which player landed the most shots. The player that landed the most balls will gain 1 point and the player that called the correct number of shots their opponent landed also gets 1 point.

Step 3: The player with the most points wins Basket Balls. If the players are tied (one won in balls landed and the other won in guessing their opponent’s balls landed), play another round to break the tie. Indoor games for kids now has a new challenging game of focus and skill.

I Declare War

Here’s that indoor game that will keep kids playing for hours. It’s one of those indoor games for kids that capture their attention with the use of random wins and continuous surprise. This is a definite keeper for indoor kids games.

What You’ll Need: a deck of cards

How to Play:

Note: In this card game, cards are rated from highest to lowest as follows:
[Highest] Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 [Lowest]

Step 1: Gather 2 or more players (about 6 max). Pull out the jokers from the deck then shuffle the cards and deal them facedown among the players. Each player should have the same amount of cards so if there are remainders just put them aside. Players must hold their cards facedown while playing.

Step 2: Players will pull the top card from their deck and place it face-up on the playing table (players may play one after the other or at the same time). The player with the highest card wins the set of cards that have been played and places those cards in their win pile.

Step 3: When two players play the same card they must “declare war” to determine who wins the pile. To declare war, the player will place 3 cards face down and 1 card face-up at the same time. When placing the 1st card, players will say “I.” On the placing of the 2nd card player will say “DE” and on the 3rd card placement they will say “CLARE.” At the drop of the 4th card (which must be face-up), players will shout “WAR!” The player with the highest card wins the entire pile of cards played!

Step 4: Continue playing and the player with the most cards in their win pile wins the game! The need for indoor games for kids can be quickly solved with this popular game.

 Other Indoor Games: 

Hope you found these indoor games for kids to be the great fun indoor games you were after. These indoor kids games are a wonderful choice of entertainment when the kids are looking at fun games to play indoors.

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