Outdoor Games Which Don’t Need Any Equipment

Are you bored at home and want to play outdoors, but you have no game equipment? Don’t worry! There are outdoor games that don’t need anything other than the players. Ready to have some fun? Here are some of the best outdoor games you can play without any equipment.


This game might be one of the most famous no-equipment games in history. To play this game, one person acts as the “it” and the rest of the players must get away from them and avoid being tagged. Once a player gets tagged, they then become the next “it.”

Red light, green light

This game is another variation of tag where the “it” functions as a traffic light and shouts “green light” to the players at the starting line, which starts the game. As the players run, the “it” can stop them by yelling “red light.” The players caught moving must return to the starting line, and the game continues until the “it” a player is caught and becomes the next “it.”


Jailbreak is an outdoor game the requires players enough to form two teams. One team hides, and the other looks for them. When a member of the hiding team is found by members of the pursuing team, they will be grabbed and escorted to the “jail” spot. When grabbing the hiding player, the pursuer must yell, “One, two, three, you’re my man.”

A member from the hunting team must remain to guard the jail, but if a member of the opposing team can slip past the guard and yell “Jailbreak!” their captured team member is freed. When all the hiders are locked up, the team can switch roles.

Freeze tag

This variation of tag involves the “it” grabbing a player and yelling, “freeze.” That player must remain frozen like ice until one of their teammates unfreezes them. The game ends when every player is immobilized. Before we continue the list, we recommend you check out the following link to find out the best casino online in Australia.

Duck, duck, goose

For this game, the players are required to sit in a circle except for the “it.” The “it” then circles the players while tapping each of their heads while saying “duck” for every tap. When the “it” taps a player and yells “goose,” that player has to get up and try chasing the “it.” In turn, the “it” has to be the first one to make it to the open seat.

Jump the cracks

This simple outdoor game only needs a keen eye and a sidewalk with cracks. The objective is to have the players get from point A to point B without stepping on the cracks. Meanwhile, visit https://www.sagamblingsites.co.za/ if you want to learn more about the best South African online casinos.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

This game is also among the most famous no-equipment game of all time. Hide and seek involves one person acting as a seeker, and the rest of the players must scramble to look for a great hiding spot. The seeker has to start a countdown while shielding their eyes while the rest go to hide. The seeker then has to yell, “ready or not, here I come” before the search begins.

The floor is lava

The objective of this game is for the players to avoid the “lava” by getting off the floor and stepping on a safe perch after someone yells out, “the floor is lava.” The yeller then counts to five, and the rest must not fall into the “lava” until then.

Shadow tag

Shadow tag is another variation of tag. However, the “it” has to tag the shadow of another player instead.

Crack the whip

To play this game, the players have to join hands and follow the leader who runs, turns, and zigzags. The players at the back have to do their best to keep up, and while doing so, they resemble a whip cracking.

Blind man’s bluff

This is similar to tag but with a twist. The “it” has to be blindfolded and then spun around until they get dizzy and disoriented. The other players have to call out “blind man” and the “it” has to tag them by following the sound of their voices.

Johnny on a pony

Also known as buck-buck, this game has many variations, and all involve one group lining up to imitate a pony and another group of riders jumping on the other groups’ backs.


This game is the opposite to hide and seek. It involves a group of players covering their eyes while counting down and searching for one hiding player. When they find the hiding player, they must join them in the hiding spot and lie close together, resembling sardines.

I spy

This game is done best during long car trips but can also be done right outside your homes. One player starts the game by saying, “I spy with my eye” and then describes what they’re seeing. The other players must then look for what the other described and guess what they’re seeing.