Exciting Underwater Fun

Want some underwater fun for your next pool party? Looking to turn pool lounge time into swimming fun by incorporating some swimming pool games? Here you will find great underwater games that are sure to liven up any swimming event.

Use these underwater games during the next pool party and see just how exciting these fun games can be. You’ll find that a day at the pool can be about so much more than mere swimming. Check out these great underwater games and use them during your next pool day. You’ll be glad you did! Also, here are the top USA online casinos that provide generous casino bonuses to players.

Dunk & Treasure

This fun game challenges skill, speed, and competitiveness. Teams have to race the clock to make the shot into moving targets then engage in underwater fun as they dive for treasure. Which team will make the dunk and gather the treasure? Finding out is only half the excitement. And if you want a comprehensive guide about online casino South Africa, click the given link.

What You’ll Need: 2 standard inflatable pool rings, 4 buckets, ball pit balls, 4 dive toys (sinkable toys) & timer

How to Play:

Step 1: Start the underwater fun by establishing two teams of two (let’s call them team “A” and team “B”). Position one member from team “A” and one member from team “B” in the shallow end of the pool. Then, position the other two opposing team members in the deep end of the pool being certain they are directly across from their teammate in the shallow end.

Step 2: Give each of the team members in the deep end of the pool an inflatable pool ring. Instruct them to face their teammate at the shallow end and hold the inflatable rings in front of them with both hands (rings should lay flat on the surface of the water).

Step 3: Designate two ball colors for team “A” and two ball colors for team “B”. Fill one bucket with team “A’s” ball colors and give it to the team “A” player positioned in the shallow end. Fill the other bucket with team “B’s” ball colors and give it to the team “B” player positioned in the shallow end.

Step 4: Place one empty bucket on the edge of the pool behind the two players holding the inflatable rings (the team “A” and “B” players in the deep end). Now, throw the 4 dive toys in the center of the pool and get ready for some underwater fun!

Step 5: Set the timer to 2 minutes. At the go signal, the team members in the shallow end will begin throwing balls towards their teammate at the deep end. The teammates at the deep must try to catch the balls in the center of the inflatable rings while keeping the ring as flat as possible on the surface of the water. Teams are awarded 1 point for every ball caught in the center of the ring.

Step 6: For every 4 balls a team catches in the center of their ring, they then have the permit to dive for 1 treasure (the dive toys) which are worth 3 points each. After retrieving the treasure, the teammate must then place the treasure and the 4 balls caught into their team’s bucket (the empty bucket that was placed at the pool’s edge behind them) then continue to try and catch 4 more balls to be permitted to dive for another treasure. The team with the most points and the end of 2 minutes wins the game of Dunk & Treasure!

Note: All team members must try to stay as close to the pool’s edge as possible while throwing and catching. Team members positioned to catch must keep both hands on the ring and are free to move & splash left and right in order to catch their ball. Finally, diving for the 3 point treasure is an option, however, if it is not used it can place the team in an extreme disadvantage.

Game Changer

Being quick and attentive is key to this fun game as it challenges your speed and memory. In order to dominate this game, players must pull their best of both skills. It only takes one lapse of focus and a slight decrease in speed to change the game for any player. No player can ever be too comfortable in the lead because this underwater fun game can be such a game changer.

What You’ll Need: 3 buckets, ball pit balls, waterproof playing cards, underwater swimming hoops, flat floatable surface & timer

How to Play:

Step 1: It’s time for underwater fun! Place 2 empty buckets at the deep end of the pool (one bucket per team). Fill 1 bucket with ball pit balls and place it at the shallow end of the pool. Place the underwater swimming hoops in the center of the pool (lengthwise with the pool).

Step 2: Take the waterproof playing cards and pull out at least 10-15 matching pairs. Shuffle the pairs and lay them out face down on a flat floatable surface (plastic storage cover, body board, plastic cooler cover, etc.). Place the flat surface with the cards on top in the center of the pool’s shallow end close to the edge.

Note: To keep the flat surface from drifting, tie one end of a rope to the flat surface and the other end of the rope to something steady like a chair or table leg. If the flat surface does not have a good place to attach the rope then clamp the flat surface with a large paper clamp and attach the robe to the clamp.

Step 3: Begin the underwater fun by creating 2 teams of 1 or more. Instruct the team members to take their position in the shallow end of the pool where the cards are. Set the timer to 3 minutes.

Step 4: At the go signal, 1 player for each team will simultaneously race the clock to find 1 match of cards. The player must quickly yet completely turn over their 1st card then completely turn over their 2nd. If what is revealed is not a match, players must turn the cards back over in the same order they were revealed.

Step 5: When a player finds a match of cards, the player is rewarded with 1 ball from the nearby bucket. The player must then hurry to remove the match from the playing board, place them on the pool’s edge, grab a ball from the bucket, race the ball through the underwater hoops to the other end of the pool, dunk the ball in the team’s bucket, race again through the underwater swimming hoops, get back to the playing board, quickly find another match and repeat the process again!

Step 6: The team with the most balls in their team’s bucket at the end of 3 minutes wins. This game brings lots of underwater fun.

Note: If a ball slips from a players hand while swimming through the underwater hoops, the player must retrieve the ball and return to the hoops point of entry before continuing.

This game can be played with multiple players per team. To do so, simply create rounds. Have 1 player per team play the 1st round of 3 minutes. When the 3 minutes is up, have the next person from each team play the 2nd round of 3 minutes (being sure there are enough cards laid out for each round). Continue with the rounds until all the players have played. Add the points earned for each round. The team with the highest total wins.

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Really believe you’ll enjoy these underwater fun games. Have tons of fun with these swimming pool games. Its underwater games designed for swimming fun and an eventful splash!

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