Best Board Games for Larger Groups


Boards games are best for smaller groups but they are great for larger groups too. Board games cost a dime a dozen these days when you look out for the best board games for a larger group of friends at a party. It sometimes requires going through soggy piles of trash that you pull out a speck of single gold dust. 

If you are having a party at your house and a lot of people are coming to it, then board games would make your party best. Board games give people something to play or a specific role in the game. Also, it keeps people shouting and moving. You will be having a great time playing board games with your friends at a party. 

Best Board Games for Larger Groups

If you are looking for the best board games for larger groups then there are plenty of them. You can throw a party to your friends and play board games with them to have fun and a good time. 

Captain Sonar

It is an absolute chaos game with team vs team option. It is a battleship board game where each team is having 4 roles to play. The team has to work in close coordination to match the timing right. You will draw outlining paths on a dry erase board such as acetate paper. There will be crossing things off and circling of things. 

The 4 roles in the game are Captain, Engineer, Chief Mate, and Radio Operator. The captain will call out the cardinal direction in which the ship will be moving. Chief Mate will engage the systems after movement. An engineer will ensure that the submarine’s systems are online and the radio operator will tune into the opponent’s captain to determine their location.

The first team that will sink another team’s ship will win this game. It is an incredible and complex board game to be played by 8 people. 


It is a team vs team word game. It uses an old-timey art and graphic design that is similar to Fallout 4. There are 3D cardboard slots for cards with red covers. The cards are having hidden words that can only be revealed through a red cover. Each team takes a set of 4 words cards. They insert it inside their 4 card slots. 

The objective of this game is to guess the code right for the words. You do it in a vague way that your opponent does not intercept the code. For example, if you get code words such as Red, Spacecraft, Onion, Laboratory, your code card this turn will be 1.2.4. You as a clue giver will say Apple, Wormhole, and Equipment. Your team looking for the clues will easily determine that the code is 1.2.4. 

When you have been giving the clues, then after a few rounds the opponent team will get to know the words you are having. It is when your team will lose the game. It is an amazing word game. The game easy to understand and it is like an advanced version of Codenames. 8 players can play this game, making it one of the best board games for larger groups.


Same as Decrypto, it is a team vs team game in which each team is having a spymaster and a team of guessers. The spymaster team will be giving clues referring to the words displayed in a 5×5 grid. The object of this game is to associate the words that your team needs to guess through a one-word clue. If you are a spymaster, then you have to announce the clue such as how many words on the board are linked to it. 

For example, if you say bark, 2. The guesser will see it as a tree and dog. Both words are on the board but one word will be guessed at a time. If the guesses are right, you mark it off with a spy of their color. If it does not happen, then the other team will mark it as an innocent bystander. 

The worst-case scenario of this game is that if you hit the assassin, you will lose the game at the spot. It is easy to play this game for larger groups such as 8 people at a time. 


This game is having 3 role-plays; a forensic scientist, a murderer, and investigators. A forensic scientist will make everyone close their eyes and will ask the murderer about a piece of evidence by only pointing through the display of cards. Every investigator then opens their eyes and the fun begins. The forensic scientist will be giving clues to investigators from randomly selected 6 clue cards. 

Each clue card contains information like the condition of the body or the location of the body where it was found. Instigators and a murderer will argue about the evidence found at the scene such as which weapon was used. It all will be based on the information given by the murderer. Each investigator will be allowed one guess at a time to find the murderer and evidence. 

In each round, the forensic scientist will remove one clue card and replace it with another. It will be giving more information than previous. The object of this game is that murderer has to save him or herself from being caught. 

It is a tremendous thematic game with more fun at the party and playing it with 12 people can be more than fun as it seems to be. 


It is similar to a popular game called Coup. In Mascarade, a larger number of players can play the game. In this game, each player is given a role card FACEDOWN that gives them an ability. For example, the Queen will be able to take 2 coins from the supply. 

When it is your turn, you will be able to do 3 things. Firstly, you can announce your role and take an action. Secondly, you might be able to take another player’s card. Put yours and their card under the table and shuffle them. Now give one back to that player. Last but not the least, you can secretly look at your role card. 

You can claim any character but if another player is having a role card and they call you out on it and reveal the character card, then that player would be able to take action on you. In this case, you will lose a coin. But if any player is shy to announce their card, you will be able to take action on a bluff. 

It is one of the shouting board games in which you think who you are but mostly you don’t. 13 people can play this board game. 

Large Group Parties – Team Vs Team Board Games

Throwing out a party at your home with a lot of people means that you have to make arrangements for their fun. If they are not provided with the right fun, they will leave earlier and they might not join you at your next party. 

Board games for larger groups can be fun that involves different groups as a team and plays against another team. There are investigating, strategic, guess games, etc. You can play any of them to have a good time at a party.