How to Get Free PSN Cards

PSN cards are gift cards that allow you to load money into your Play Station account. This money can be used for watching movies, listening to music, downloading games, and buying add-ons.

There are actually legitimate ways you can obtain a PSN card code without paying full price. You don’t have to wait for a card to ship or visit a store. This article provides a list of ways you can get a PSN code for cheap, as a trade, or even free.

PSN code giveaways

You can obtain lots of freebies through online giveaways. Check social networking channels and gaming sites for sales and giveaways. You may be able to find a website that is giving away free PSN codes.

By liking posts, commenting, and following social media pages, you can enter contests and boost your chances of getting PSN gift cards and other freebies. These giveaways occur all year round, and they are completely free to enter!

Online PSN gift card code exchange platforms

There are sites that allow Play Station players to exchange PSN codes that they do not need. Check out websites like Raise to exchange coupons, deals, and gift cards with other gamers.

By signing up for platforms like this, you will get free offers, coupons, and deals as well as be able to buy, sell, and exchange your PSN codes.

CardCash also lets you find great deals and free PSN codes, and BarterHut allows you to trade for PSN codes.

Swagbucks and MyPoints

These websites are platforms that allow you to take part in surveys, watch ads, and answer questions in exchange for rewards. Once you have enough points, you can exchange your rewards for gift cards, including PSN gift cards.

Sites like Google Play, Amazon, and Steam Wallet also allow you to complete surveys and watch ads in exchange for rewards you can use to purchase gift cards. Some even offer you cash by paying you through PayPal.

PSN code generator

A PSN code generator, such as provides PSN codes for free. Be careful of fraudulent sites that claim to provide free PSN codes but make you enter payment info or make a transaction.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the add-ons offered on Play Station games. Besides getting PSN codes for cheap or free, you can also take advantage of Play Station’s 14-day PS Plus trial.

Not everybody can obtain a free PSN code. It is all about timing, luck, and going to the right sites. You may be better off bartering for a PSN code or completing surveys for rewards.