5 Fun Robot Toys For Kids This 2021

Toys can greatly impact a child’s future career prospects. It makes learning more engaging and more creative. If you want to pique your child’s interests in Robotics or other STEM-related industry, the best toy options are robots. Fortunately, there are numerous interactive robots for kids available in the market right now.

The Best Interactive Robot Toys For Kids

1. Really R.A.D. Robot

The Really R.A.D. robot toy is kind of a “prankster robot.” It can interact with other robots like MiBro and knows how to have fun by telling jokes (via command.) One of the best features of this robot is its numerous accessories, which give it additional functionalities on top of the 50 functions already installed.

2. Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog

Puppies are a great companion for children. But what if you’re living in an area with a “no pets allowed” rule? You can get Top Race’s voice recognition puppy instead. It has in-built 12 voice varieties and can imitate a real puppy’s movement. Additionally, you and your child can train it using your voice or the included app.

3. Anki Cozmo Toy Robot

Cozmo is on the pricy side, but it’s also one of the feature-rich toy robots on the market right now. It can show a wide variety of emotions via the small LED screen attached to its face. And due to its design, it can do different kinds of movements.

Anki updates Cozmo’s abilities and skills by rolling updates, adding more fun experiences. Your child can also program Cozmo’s features using a visual programming language.

4. LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062

For a more authentic toy experience, you can also take a look at the LEGO Creator Robo explorer 31062. This toy robot has three models, which can be rebuilt easily. Think of this toy as three-modeled lego that can move. Unfortunately, this model cannot produce sound or create a facial expression, unlike the other products above. However, its configurable parts are great starting points in learning robotics.

5. Threeking RC Robot Toy

Does your little one want a more traditional-looking robot? The Threeking RC robot toy is an aesthetically great robot with programmable gesture control. It’s definitely one of the most futuristic-looking toys on the market right now. This toy is also paired with a good sensor to avoid any obstacles while moving. With its in-built speaker, this robot can help in pronunciation lessons too.