Top 5 Board Games for Children That Can Easily Replace Computer Games

The internet is taking over, and the day’s kids used to play board games is coming to an end. Yeah, to millennials, they see that board games as a thing of the past. While computer games as the current trend. To some point, that might be true. However, you, as a parent, want a child who grows up in the right way. And playing computer games makes a child not learn how to become responsible. Which is not the right way a kid should grow.

I don’t refute that computer games are suitable for a child’s growth, but in most cases, they tend to forget important things like to do homework. Too much attention to playing computer games after studies slows how a child can perform specific duties. So, if you are looking for a board game that will make your kids leave playing computer games, then in this article, you will know the best board games.


Looking for a board game that will amaze your child? Then Qwirkle is one of the best in the market. While your kid is growing, learning about colors, patterns, and shapes is vital. And where can you find all those? Qwirkle allows your kid to learn all that while playing.

Furthermore, it is a tile-based board game that your kid can play with two to four kids hence able to interact with other kids. Qwirkle is similar to Scrabble and Rummikub. One fascinating thing about this game is that it has the Spiel des Jahres award. A special prize in the board game sector.

For a maximum of forty-five minutes and a minimum of thirty minutes, your child can complete playing Qwirkle.

Go Away Monster

Replacing computer games with a board game is not an easy thing. However, with Go Away Monster, you can get the attention of your child from computer games to this board game. According to kids’ monsters are real, and they are found under the bed and on closets. If they play this game, they will be calm that monsters don’t exist anymore.

Created by GameWright, this is one of the games you can purchase for your kid. So, why not turn your child’s attention from computer games to board games with Go Away Monster?

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Having won the Parents choice award in 2011. Sneaky snacky squirrel game is a board game you need to get for your child. It builds the thinking capacity and enhances the attention of your kid by being tactical when playing. Therefore, if you are looking for a game that will turn your kids’ consideration from computer games to board games, then this is the best.

It is an educational board game. Children learn about colors, and the one who wins is determined when the color is chosen, similar to the one in the acorn tree. So, while thinking of which game to purchase for your kid, the Sneaky snacky squirrel game is outstanding.


Also known as Clue, this is a game that seeks to solve the mysterious murder of Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black, who took place in the Tudor mansion. And who is responsible for the killing. So, the six players playing the game are all suspects and have to move around the mansion, collecting clues of how the murder took place.

The designer of Cluedo is Anthony E. Pratt and was first published in 1940. The maximum time to play this game is one hour. The main lesson your kid learns from this game is a deduction.

Robot Turtles

Is your child four years and above? Then if you have been looking for a board game to buy “Robot Turtles” is one of the best. While playing, they can learn how to read. Which is what every parent wants for a child who is growing. The designer of this game is Dan Shapiro, and the main aim was to ensure that his children learn computer programming while they were young.

So, what are you looking for? Buy Robot Turtles for your children. If you are looking for more games, you can visit Oola for more fun board games for kids.


A child who grows up morally, physically, and mentally right is the dream of every parent. And with your child playing one of the board games, he or she will have the best characters that are admirable.

I don’t say that playing computer games is terrible, but limiting the time your child plays is essential. Without much further ado, consider buying a board game so that you may have quality time with your children. Thank you.