Word Ideas for the Next Time You Play Fishbowl

The fishbowl game, also known as the salad bowl game, is fun to play for any gathering of friends and family. It’s a fantastic memory and guessing game played over three rounds that combines the games Charades, Taboo, and Password. Not only is the game simple enough to play for people of all ages – everyone can have a great time filled with laughter and memories.

What is Fishbowl?

This game is a combination of three other games – one game per round. The game host will have to prepare fun words, phrases, and expressions on cards that will be guessed later by the players.

The game needs at least four players. The participants will then be split into two teams. Players from each team will take turns giving clues to their team to as many cards as possible against the clock. Cards will be recycled after each round.

Round 1 – Taboo

In this game, players need to use descriptive words or phrases to give clues about the word on the card. Acting, making sounds or making gestures are prohibited. You also cannot use any part of the word or phrase when giving clues.

Round 2 – Charades

Without using words or sounds, players have to act and use gestures to communicate the phrase or word on the card.

Round 3 – Password

Players must say only one word to describe the word or phrase on the card. This round relies on your team’s memory and association.

If you need a guide on how to play Fishbowl, check this out.

Word Ideas

The mechanics of the game Fishbowl sounds fun, but the secret to making the game really fun lies in the words and phrases to be guessed. Make it too challenging and too unknown – no one will score. Make it too easy for the crowd – the game will soon be over. If you’re out of ideas or simply need help, here are some word ideas for the next time you play fishbowl:  

Easy Words

Are you playing with kids or people who are beginners to the game? Use these words for a fun-for-all game.

Airplane Table Kiss
Cold Jump   Stairs
Blink Save King
Phone Storm Refrigerator
Clap Married Guitar
Hammer Team Coffee
Toothbrush Star Gym
Scissors War Bus
Laundry Teacher Pirate
Slap Heavy Barber
Baby Mountain Popcorn
Sick Cigarette House
Warrior Chew  Jail
Click Window Cheese
Prayer Ice cream Doll
Balloon Book Glasses
Mouth Telephone Sneeze
Mosquito Point Basketball
Ring Camera Shoes
Circle Kick Mirror

Medium Words

Up for a challenge? These medium words will give you a more challenging game: 

Lawn Dizzy Sprinkler
Arrest Ghost Peach
Educate Stomp Garden
Hunt Slip Boots
Sacred Understand Nurse
Vacation Balance Subway
Celebrate Sailboat Pancakes
Microwave Pineapple Wing
Lottery Brain Playground
Fragile Snowball Heaven
Karate Doormat Winter
Ladder Lighthouse Flashlight

Hard Words

If you’re playing with experts in the three games, use these words to truly test them:

Sheet Story Apartment
Dentist Vest Trampoline
Lawn mower Mouse trap Clown
Bathroom scale Business trip Company
Wrench Volcano Measure
Quicksand Washing machine Cradle
Chess Oar Proud
Gingerbread man Artist Chomp
President Shopping cart Windmill
Doghouse Birthday Chalk
iPad Judge Jar


Here are some phrases that would be fun to act out and be guessed: 

Turning on the lights Cutting hair Doing the limbo
Snowball fight Using an elevator Watering plants
Walking on thin ice Laying an egg Washing hands
Starting a fire Playing soccer Taking medicine
Putting on sunscreen Carrying groceries Trying on clothes
Paddling a boat Eating soup Eating spaghetti
Bird watching Mopping the floor Pillow fight
Chopping wood Sharpening a pencil Blowing a candle
Throwing a frisbee Making a sandwich Playing hide and seek
Licking ice cream Peeling an orange Ironing clothes


Animals are always fun to imitate, especially for kids. Here are some ideas: 

Dog Hippopotamus Penguin
Cat Lion Bear
Cow Monkey Horse
Chicken Zebra Kangaroo
Parrot Elephant Seal
Hamster Crocodile Fox
Pig Gecko Walrus
Turkey Iguana Frog
Giraffe Lizard Llama
Tiger Whale Panda
Snake Lobster Skunk


Disney has been a Charades category on its own. If you have kids and Disney fans playing, these words will be fun to guess:

The Lion King Toy Story Let it go
Cinderella Moana Hakuna matata
Sleeping Beauty Wall-E Ka-chow
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pinocchio Roaring like a lion
Bambi Mulan Losing glass slipper
Lady and the Tramp Finding Nemo Sharing a long spaghetti noodle
The Little Mermaid Tarzan Hiding in sea anemone
Tangled 101 Dalmatians Swinging from a vine
Zootopia Mary Poppins Brushing really long hair
Frozen The Jungle Book Rubbing a lamp
Princess and the Frog Alice in Wonderland Magic carpet ride

Movie Titles

If you and your guests are movie buffs, check out some of these movie titles to act out or describe:

Up Thor: Ragnarok Madagascar
Jaws Ghostbusters Happy Feet
Back to the Future Step Brothers Spy Kids
The Lord of  the Rings Hustlers Jumanji 
Harry Potter 10 Things I Hate About You Big Hero 6
Jurassic Park Crazy, Stupid, Love The Lego Movie
Cars The Notebook The Conjuring
First Man Love Actually Star Wars
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 50 First Dates Casablanca
Good Boys Bridesmaids Titanic
2 Guns A Quiet Place The Exorcist
The Shining Split ET the Extra-Terrestrial
Scream Don’t Breathe Gladiator
Dance with Wolves Singing in the Rain Lawrence of Arabia
The Wizard of Oz Rocky Citizen Kane

Song Titles

For the charades round, song titles are always exciting to play. Almost everybody listens to music, so here are some titles to work around: 

Endless Love Every Breathe You Take Firework 
Thriller Happy Party Rock Anthem
Baby Royals Shape of You
Love You Like a Love Song Play that Funky Music Baby One More Time
YMCA Let’s Dance Side to Side
Stronger Like A Prayer Watermelon Sugar
Whip My Hair Stand By Me Stairway to Heaven
Baby Shark Don’t Speak Don’t Look Back in Anger
Ice Ice Baby Call Me Maybe How You Remind Me
Shake it Off Umbrella Laugh Now Cry Later
Eye of the Tiger No Scrubs Crazy in Love
Say My Name Bye Bye Love Let’s Groove
Poker Face Stayin’ Alive Higher Ground
Dancing Queen Toxic Uptown Funk
Whip It In My Blood Macarena
Party in the USA Photograph Achy Breaky Heart
Dynamite Chasing the Sun Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Chandelier Whistle Counting Stars
Hello Yummy Like a Virgin
21 Guns Imagine Teardrops on My Guitar