The Most Difficult Quests in Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II is still puzzling players with its fiendishly difficult challenges almost five years after its release. The makers, Rockstar Games, are famous for their enormous open-world games and the freedom that they give players to explore the game as they choose. Red Dead Redemption II took both attributes to whole new levels though, when giving players a vast map of the Wild West, setting them up with a horse, and letting them out into the world to fend for themselves. So, whether you’re an RDR2 newbie, or you’re a seasoned gunslinger, you’ll enjoy finding out about, or reminiscing about, these devilishly difficult quests.

The Gambler Challenge

Some gamers aren’t satisfied until they’ve completed every inch of a game and the makers of RDR2 are only too aware of that. As such, they’ve included a whole compendium of challenges that are entirely optional but encourage you to explore every inch of the map, meeting a whole bunch of NPCs along the way. It should go without saying that some of these challenges can add hours and hours of extra time to your game, with The Gambler Challenge being arguably the most tricky and time-consuming of the lot. If you’re a fan of playing BTC blackjack games, online poker, or five-finger fillet (probably not that last one come to think about it), then you’ve got a better chance at getting ahead.

The most difficult of The Gambler challenges certainly requires you to know how both blackjack and poker work, so playing both games for real can give you that edge. However, doubling down and winning the hand five times in a row in a blackjack game is seriously tricky, even for veteran blackjack players. Doubling down and winning alone is tricky! Thankfully, in RDR2 it isn’t actual money, or crypto you’re playing with, because you’ll be getting through a lot of it to tick off this accomplishment.

Blessed Are The Meek?

If there was a petition to rename this mission ‘Put Your Hands Up If You Hate Micah‘ then it would absolutely fly through. Whenever Micah is the central character in a quest you can guarantee there’s going to be all kinds of trouble and worse than that, it’s usually so unnecessary. Blessed Are The Meek? is no different. On this quest, you’ll need to head to the town of Strawberry to break Micah out of jail. Instead of thanking you and making a quick, quiet getaway though, Micah instead proceeds to open fire on the whole town. Of course, it’s your job to accompany Micah and keep him safe, even if you think what he’s doing is totally moronic.

To keep Micah alive, you’re going to have to gun down a whole lot of people who want to catch him. Rockstar’s games tend to feature these ‘keep x alive’ challenges, with GTA being another classic example. Often the character that you’re supposed to be keeping alive is trying hard to ‘unalive’ themselves. It’s frustratingly difficult keeping Micah alive and made more frustrating because the only reason Micah started shooting was to get his hands on an old gun. Plus, to thank you for aiding him on his pointless quest you’re rewarded with a simple holster. Whilst it might not be the single most difficult quest in the game, it’s absolutely the most frustrating for the sheer idiocy of the man you’re helping.

A Fisher of Fish

There are some quests that can easily last the duration of the game, the ones that you can dip in and out of as you encounter parts of the map that will help you to complete them.  A Fisher Of Fish is a classic quest of this style, where you’re tasked with catching 13 legendary fish by the aptly named Jeremy Gill. This famous fisherman wants to take the glory for your fishing endeavors, but he’s willing to pay handsomely, so how could anyone say no?

Generally, catching the fish is pretty easy. As soon as you find the fish on the map, you just keep casting until you snag something big. Once the fish is in your bag, it’s time to post it to Jeremy Gill and tick off that part of the quest. However, there’s one fish that proves a whole lot more difficult than the rest and that’s the legendary catfish that lives just West of Sisika Penitentiary. To reach it you’ll need to steal a boat and head to those waters. Unfortunately, those waters are territory where absolutely nobody is allowed to be and they’re heavily guarded. If anyone spots you in them, you’re a wanted man and they’ll set out to bring you into the penitentiary. Any hopes of a relaxing fishing trip will be quickly dashed.