Game Review: The Settlers of Catan

Catan Board Game Review

Dubbed as the new Monopoly, the game Catan has quickly become a very popular game that had won several awards. One of which is an Oscar for board games. Die Siedler von Catan is widely popular that is why the game is available in sets produced in over thirty different languages around … Read more

Game Review: Pandemic

Pandemic Game Review

Pandemic is a board game that is published by Z-Man Games in 2007. It is designed by the board game designer Matt Leacock. The game is different from most of the board games because its gameplay is based on cooperation rather than competition. It is based on four diseases that have broken … Read more

Game Review: 5-Second Rule

5 Second Rule Game Review

5 Second Rule is a simple game with a few and easy rules. The game is quite interesting and funny because of the questions you are going to ask to the other player. This game comes with a twisted five-second timer which also adds to the time pressure. The “zoooop!” noise coming … Read more