How Do Online Casinos Make Money?

Online casinos are just like other financial establishments set up purposely to make profits. So the question “how do online casinos make money?” shouldn’t be strange or sound funny to you.  Nonetheless, it is not a question that anyone can give an answer to without proper knowledge. It is crucial that you understand the possibility of how online casinos can generate their income.

Generally, players are tempted with great incentives such as welcome offers and casinos even offer several bonuses to help their players to win big and grow their accounts. So, if it is already a fact that online casinos are generous to their customers, do they still have a special way of accumulating profits? In this article, we will uncover how online casinos make their money.

Costs Online Casinos Must Know When Setting Up

Setting up an online casino is a serious engagement. It is a decision that can only be made by a serious-minded individual. There is potentially a lot of profit in real money casinos, but they have to pay a lot of costs that have an impact on their profits. As a casino operator, you cannot act without thinking about these costs. It is also important to consider competitors because failure to do so can result in loss of capital.

Below are the costs that every online casino operator should consider when setting up their website:

  • License fee: To avoid the risk of legal consequences, it is very important that online casinos are licensed by a regulatory body in the country in which they choose to operate. This does not come for free, as the cost of gambling commission licenses is usually on a set fee, which can be annual or one-off. This is crucial if casinos intend to maximize the number of players to accept and prove how trustworthy they are.
  • Hosting fees: There are charges for getting domain names, and there is a cost that comes with getting hosted on a server. However, the fee to pay usually depends on the type of domain name and the size of the site. It’s not much; in fact, it’s a lower fee compared to others that have to be paid to run an online casino. In addition, casino operators must consider the encryption of their sites and the fee to pay to ensure that the customer data remains protected.
  • Software license fees: Before casino games can be played; casino operators have to pay a license fee to software providers.
  • Taxes: Paying taxes is common for all businesses. But the tax rate for online casinos will depend on their location.
  • Bonuses: Bonuses also come with their costs. New players are usually attracted by the bonus offers that most online casinos provide.  But if this act of generosity is not well calculated, it can result in heavy losses for the casinos.
  • Advertising: Advertising is a significant marketing strategy that makes players find a new casino. But if online casinos fail to pay for it, players will not be able to find such a casino.

How Online Casinos Make Their Money

Online casinos make their money through several means. Check below to see them:

  • The House Edge: The house edge means the house advantage. It is the percentage of the initial bets of the player in total that the casino earns for an extended period of time. The advantage is usually between 1 percent and 5 percent.  The casino is designed to make money through its players, even if there will still be a need to pay the players for their big wins.
  • Massive Winnings: Whenever players hit jackpots or prize draws, the online casino will have a significant share of the profits. Casinos provide impressive incentives to attract more players. Some of these players will follow and deposit money blindly to play. Unfortunately, the odds of winning are, most times, not in their favor, and it ends up making the operator richer.
  • Priceless Excitement: For players that love casino activities, the thrill of gambling may be a great driver. Online casinos can take advantage of the reasons they always visit, which can be to escape stress or to get needed excitement.
  • Casino commissions: Online casinos make money through commissions. At the start of games such as poker, a commission is charged.
  • Money from customers’ wins:  You must understand that the free offers you think your online casino gives may be far from free. Every lucky player must register at a casino and fulfill the wagering requirements to withdraw their winnings. And you need to bet several times to qualify for real winnings. Then, the more you play, the smaller your chances of being lucky. So, when you lose, the online casino wins. Moreover, you may decide to continue playing after signing up with the hope of winning. Note that with each of your winnings, the online casino makes more money.


In a nutshell, if you understand the setup of an online casino, it will be very easy to know why gambling establishments need money and how they make it. Casinos are strategically established and operated to make a profit– whether you are losing or winning, they always have the edge of making money.