Guide to Frog Murder

Frog Murder is a pretty simple and fun game for all ages. Middle school to high school children usually play this game, but adults could also enjoy playing this. There is no special equipment needed to play, just a group of at least four players or more then you’re ready to go.

The main goal of the game is to catch the “Frog Killer.” This game requires the player to use bluff, creativity, and stealth; also, a keen eye if you are the detective.


At the start of the game, form a circle, then select one player to be the moderator and another one as the detective. The detective should be in the middle of the circle, either standing or sitting. Then, everyone, except the moderator, should close their eyes. While everyone’s eyes are closed, the moderator will walk around the circle and tap the shoulder of the player who’s going to play the “killer.” The moderator and the killer should not tell anyone who has been selected.

Once you have identified the killer, the game begins, and everybody may open their eyes.

The main objective of the frog killer is to kill other frogs in the circle without getting caught by the detective. To do this, the frog killer should stick his tongue out real quick while having direct eye contact with another frog.

If another frog sees the killer stick out its tongue, the player should play dead and fall dramatically.

The main objective of the detective is to catch the frog killer. There is an option to give the detective a limited number of chances to guess who is the frog killer. Usually, it’s three to five chances.

The game continues until all of the frogs are dead or until the detective runs out of chances. In these cases, the detective loses, and the frogs win.

The detective wins if he or she successfully pointed out who is the frog killer.

Popular Game Variants

Despite the simplicity of this game, it has several variations that are as enjoyable as the original game.

1.Deadly Handshake –

This game has the same mechanics, with a detective and a murderer. However, instead of the players just sitting, the players walk around in circles while shaking hands with each other. The murderer will use a special handshake to kill a player.

2.Lonely Ghost –

The murderer is the Lonely Ghost. Other players have to guess among them who is the Lonely Ghost. To do this, they can ask their suspected player if he or she is the Lonely Ghost if the accusation is correct, they win; if not, they are out of the game.

3.Cops and Robbers –

This game is more complicated than the original version. The game includes using cards, mainly an Ace and a King. Similar to the original version, the players will gather around in a circle. The number of cards should depend on the number of players, although it MUST contain one Ace and one King, and the rest are number cards. Lay the cards face down, and then each player should grab a card. The person who got the Ace card will act as the murderer, and the King will be the detective. The game is usually played in parties and includes a part when the Ace winks at a player, he or she will drink according to the number in the card.

4.Slit Throat –

This variation has a different concept, which requires a dark room to play as well as cards. For this game, the killer uses the Ace of Spades, and the King is the detective. Unlike the other versions of the game, this game is a lot more physical. The players wander in the dark, and the murderer will slit the throat of other players using his or her fingers. The players will lie down the floor if they’re killed. The detective will come in to play and can call on a meeting. During the meeting, the detective can point out who is the suspected killer, if done correctly, the detective wins; if not, he or she will get killed by the angry mob and lose the game.

5.Wink Murder –

This is the most basic version of the game. It’s somehow the same as Frog Murder. However, the killer will wink at other players to kill them instead of sticking out the tongue.