Fun Games Online for Teens & Adults

Looking to find fun games online that are engaging brain teasers, strategy enforcers and learning enhancers? Here you’ll find some free fun online games that will take care of your online gaming needs.

These fun games are a nice selection if you like the sort of games that challenge your ability to think and figure things out. With these games, spending your time playing fun games online doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time.

So give these online gaming picks a try and take your brain on an exploration with fun games online. Make online gaming a time to awaken your inner genius. Who knows, you may surprise yourself!

Lumosity perhaps isn’t best categorized as an online game but more so an online brain trainer. Still, it can be associated with online games because it uses fun activities to promote brain activity. It isn’t one of the free fun online games but it does have a free trial to allow you to determine if it is right for you.

FitBrains provides fun online games for the brain that are quite enjoyable. The thing about this site is it has free fun online games available. You will, however, need to create an account in order to have complete access to all the site has to offer but you are permitted to play some of the games as a guest. This enables you a great opportunity to get a feel of the types of games available and decide if having full access is something you wish for.

Games for the Brain is an online gaming site that has several games for your brain.. You’ll find image challenges, memory games, trivia, guessing games, strategy games, rotation puzzles and many others. The games are fairly challenging and are a good option when looking for free fun online games.

Neave Interactive is a pretty interesting site that provides more than just fun online games. It has a really neat webcam toy, eye challenging illusions, exploratory art and cool mouse controlled imagery.

This site also has familiar games like Tetris, Simon, Snake and Hexxagon which are popular strategy games that stimulate the brain. The free fun online games on this site are games that have been around for quite some time. Though not among the latest, they are still great games for the brain.

Thing Thing Arena is possibly one of the greatest flash games ever made. Bringing a new style of gameplay to the table, Thing Thing arena 4 offers fast paced and gory shoot-em-up action, complete with stylized movements and a large selection of weapons.

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Hope you enjoyed these fun games online. No, they’re not the gun shooting, blood splattering chaos that some find amusing but they are fun games that have the ability to enhance your mind and sharpen your thinking.


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