Easy commandments for your laptop care

it’s new. However, we tend to lose interest immediately. This cycle begins because the electronic industry keeps updating its technology very quickly.

There are multiple reasons why regular care of your computer helps. Let’s begin with the motive behind your purchase. If you’re looking for a long term investment, purchase a high-end computer and get regular services to it.

However, if you’re interested in trying out all the new gadgets, it doesn’t matter which one you choose – maintaining it reduces the depreciation rate and you can sell it for a better price!

Whatever the reason is, here are some crucial tips that you need to take care of your computer.

Anti-drop cases

Save your laptop from crashing and erasing your data by investing in laptop sleeves and bags. They might not seem useful for some, but trust that they will always come in handy! You can’t always carry your laptop bag everywhere, so a case becomes very practical.

Keyboard case

Aren’t we all afraid of dropping crumbles and liquids on the laptop? After all, nobody wants to run to the service center in the middle of an important discussion. Having a keyboard case saves you all the trouble allowing you to work peacefully and eat around your device without any worry!

Battery life

Plugging in the charger even after the battery is full will only drain the battery in the long run. Change your laptop settings to power savings mode instead of high performance. This way, the device will not run any apps behind and only when you open it.


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Antivirus software

Prevention is always better than cure. Why do people vaccinate themselves, even though there is likely a chance of being infected? Vaccination doesn’t stop the infection but immunizes the body enough to reduce the possibility of infection to a bare minimum!

The same idea applied to the antivirus software too. The repercussions of not being cautious are way higher. You do not want to pay thousands of dollars to save those documents from corruption, right? So, invest a couple of hundred a year and keep your device safe. Antivirus companies provide many lucrative offers that one can’t refuse!

Keep it clean

You don’t have to invest in “flashy antimicrobial” fabric to clean your computer. Just use a simple and clean cloth to wipe the dust off the keyboard and the screen. Use a surge protector while connecting to power your laptop to save it from electric fluctuations.

And avoid extreme temperatures for the laptop. 60 – 71 degrees or (20 – 21 C) is the ideal temperature for the computer device. Avoid cold & damp places and hot surroundings! Another point to remember is to back your files up in the cloud server. This way, you won’t lose your data even if any damage occurs to your device.

Follow these tips to retain a longer life for your laptop.