A Guide to Cloud Gaming Platform

Nware brings truly open cloud gaming to the UK with users increasing by 1000% in the last year 

Cloud gaming platform Nware has predicted the final days of physical consoles over the coming years as they have seen users increase by 1000% since May 2021 and the waiting list has grown by 237% compared to June 2021. 

The perfect storm of plummeting hardware sales fuelled by global chip shortages and supply chain issues, lack of blockbuster titles to drive next-generation adoption and increasing console prices means new platforms like Nware provide gamers access to new experiences via streaming without the need to purchase expensive hardware. 

These current challenges to the industry are opening up opportunities for cloud gaming. With superfast broadband connectivity now widely available in many locations and more time spent at home during the pandemic since 2020, a huge uplift has been seen in cloud gaming allowing players to access the latest titles through lower cost PC, mobile and browser devices without any impact on the gaming experience.

Predictions on the growth of the cloud gaming market range from 58 million global subscribers in 2024 (Newzoo, April 2022) to 350m users by 2025 (Analysis of the Global Cloud Gaming Market, May 2022).

Established in Madrid in September 2017, Nware allows users to play any game purchased on a digital video game retailer, such as Steam, Epic Games or Ubisoft, on any device. Currently in BETA phase, Nware is available on Windows PC and Android mobile devices with more platforms including Mac, Smart TV and browsers coming soon. The technology company which was recently named Most Scalable Startup at the 2022 South Summit in Madrid has established servers to provide service to UK gamers.

Nware is leading the transition for the video game industry’s shift away from the traditional model to the cloud where you no longer need expensive or scarce hardware to play your favourite titles.  Users have access to over 20,000 titles by syncing their game libraries with top games including Call of Duty, Rocket League and League of Legends. They can also access free to play blockbuster titles including PUBG: Battleground, Counter Strike – Global Offensive, Apex Legends, Destiny 2 and Dota 2. 

Daniel Olmedo of Nware, “It’s been a long time coming but the past two years have seen a huge shift in the way players are enjoying the best in video gaming experiences. A lack of physical consoles on the markets and very few blockbuster titles for next-gen consoles means that the factors that traditionally drove hardware sales no longer exist. Gamers are looking for the most cost effective and flexible ways to access the titles they love wherever and whenever they want. In the near future cloud gaming will also allow the release of cloud-based content never seen before. For these reasons, we know cloud gaming is a natural step for the gaming industry, and hardware-based game distribution will see a significant decrease by 2025.”

About Nware:

The platform offers:

  • Cloud servers are currently located in London, Frankfurt, Texas, Washington DC and Sao Paulo, allowing users to play their video games within 1,500km
  • Games executed in data centres allowing to users receive a real-time streaming image
  • Cloud Machine offers a streaming spec of a maximum of 60 FPS/1080p, +16gb of RAM and 4GB of VRAM
  • No loss of any progress/data with its own game-saves system

Nware is also working on a proprietary video compression algorithm, specifically designed for hyper-real-time streaming, delivering significantly redacted latency and enhanced resilience to poor Wifi or network connections delivering a viable gaming experience with up to 40% packet loss.

Nware currently offers two subscription plans, the Base Plan available for €8.99 which allows users access to synced games through thumbnails and steam catalogue with users able to save progress and the Premium Plan for €10.99 (€99.99 annually) which also allows users access to the Steam, Epic Games and Ubisoft launchers.