5 Exciting Card Games To Have Fun Time With Friends And Family

Looking for the perfect card game to make your social gathering more interesting? Whether it is an office party, birthday celebration, or dinner night, the following games will certainly be a hit with your friends and family. 


Most people will have heard of or played Uno. As one of the most popular games for social gatherings, Uno is beloved for its simplicity and capacity to engage players. Each player receives seven cards while the rest are allocated to a draw pile. Players take turns discarding a card that matches either the color or the number of the discard pile’s top card. If a player doesn’t have a suitable card, they must draw a new one from the draw pile. Uno’s main goal is to be the first person to play the very last card. Of course, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Special cards like skip, reverse, and draw 2 can complicate matters and can change the game’s course. Also, if players don’t say “Uno” when they are down to their very last card, they may lose their chance of winning. 

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a quirky, fast-paced, and incredibly fun game that can be enjoyed by a group of five people. The game’s main objective is to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card. If a player does, he or she is immediately out. And, since every player must draw a card before ending their turn, the exploding kitten card is a looming threat. However, someone can stay as long as possible in the game by strategically using other cards in the deck. Defuse cards counteract the Exploding Kittens card, while the Play Skip one allows you to skip your turn without drawing a card. Overall, the game is thrilling, easy to learn, and doesn’t require any setup. 

The Voting Game

Which one of your friends pees in the pool? Who pours whisky into their coffee at work? And who has the most scandalous Google Search history? With The Voting Game, you’re about to find out. All group members will ask and be asked these and many other awkward questions. The party will have to collectively vote for the person best described by the statements or questions on the cards. The Voting Game is especially ideal for those who just want to have fun without having to strategize or get too competitive. 

Dead Celebs

As its name suggests, this card game is all about famous people who have passed away. Teams of two or more players take turns tossing a dice. Depending on the dice’s outcome: yellow, green, or red, the players must pick a card. The three card categories are: guess who (guessing the celebrities’ name based on an image), trivia (guessing the celebrity based on a series of trivia) and Who am I (guessing the celebrity by deciphering a team member’s pantomime). The game is suitable for those who love and have a good knowledge of popular culture. 


Last but not least is Blackjack, a card game whose objective is to get a hand value closer to 21 than the dealer without exceeding it. Each player is dealt two cards. They can choose either to “hit” for additional cards or “stand” to keep their current hand. Face cards are worth 10, Aces 1 or 10, and number cards retain their face value. Blackjack can be enjoyed at social gatherings, but its popularity has grown so much that it can be found at several online casinos with low minimum deposit.

To conclude

There are so many fun and easy-to-get card games to keep your friends and family entertained at a social gathering. Uno, Exploding Kittens, The Voting Game, Dead Celebs, and Blackjack are some of the best options out there.