Which WoW Classic Warrior Spec to Choose?

There is no ‘best’ just the one that fits you the most

We want our characters to be effective in what they do. That, however, isn’t going to happen if you’re indecisive and want to do everything all at once. The saying may go ‘jack of all trades, master of none, better than a master of one’, but that doesn’t apply to game characters. The bottom line is you’d be sacrificing your effectiveness. The result may be a character that can be in any role, but it’s only average at those roles. Nobody likes an average-at-best character in their party. You won’t have as many chances to earn sweet loot or WoW Classic gold at that rate.

So here are the three specializations of Warriors, and how they fit in party dynamics.


The Arms spec of Warriors uses two-handed weapons to great effect. As a DPS class, it falls weaker than Fury builds in the early levels in Classic. It’s a different story in Retail though, as it actually gets stronger in the higher levels. Has high burst damage, but with using two-handed weapons, auto-attack will be slow. Good for those who like tactics and being strategic in their approach.

Also, this build is easier to gear up, as Fury builds need Hit to be effective. Equipment that boost those stats are hard to come by in the early levels, though, so don’t expect too much in that regard.


Fury Warriors are speedy, dual-wielding DPS machines. They favor fast, continuous strikes that deal high damage. Some of their skills even trade armor, resistances, and even make them take more damage to boost their damage even higher. It’s the highest DPS build you can find, though you’ll notice that it is rather lacking in defenses. Has a consistent rate of damage output. They’re also considered one of the best DPS specializations in terms of damage. Recommended for those who want to rush and like dealing as much damage as possible.

It also works better with really good gear. That means you’ll need to invest much of your effort and WoW Classic gold for it to pay off later.


This is the Tanking specialization of Warriors. They might be able to dish out a little damage, but it pales in comparison to the two other specs. Their specialty lies in taking damage, after all. That being said, it’s hard to level this kind of Warrior without a party. The good thing about it is Tanks are always in demand so you’ll always be able to find parties. It’s a build for those steady types and those who like protecting allies.

Barring the difficulty of leveling one up, this is a solid spec to invest in. It is one of the best tanking builds out there, after all.

Conclusions and Additional Notes

Being a DPS or Tanking-oriented class, Warriors aren’t very good at supporting their allies. They have a few buffs here and there, but nothing past those. Besides, those buffs benefit other DPS characters and little else.

You have a choice between Arms and Fury for DPS. Other than equipment and talent tree branches, their styles differ wildly. Fury builds are more consistent in damage output. Arms builds have lulls in their output where their slower attack speed doesn’t do them any favors. They do the most damage in bursts of ability use.

Remember to pick a specialization you’ll enjoy playing. There’s sure to be one you’ll have fun with. Resetting your points is an option, though it will cost you. As much as possible, try to keep the resetting down. Otherwise, you’d be spending more WoW Classic gold than you’d think.

Continue enjoying World of Warcraft Classic!