Swimming Pool Accessories You Need

It’s a chore to maintain your pool- keeping it clean and your water balanced. Getting caught up with just that is no way of enjoying your pool.

This is why it’s great to add pool accessories that can help bring back the enjoyment of being in a pool. You don’t even have to spend too much money on them.

The best pool accessories are either fun or functional or a combination of both. Do you want inflatable drink holders? How about an inflatable canopy lounge? Or a pool and spa water fountain? It doesn’t matter what type of pool you have. We found pool accessories just for you!

Pool Volleyball and Basketball Set

Pool Volleyball and Basketball Set

These classic games will provide you and your family with a lot of fun in the pool. You can either get a volleyball or a basketball set, but with the Joyin Floats Inflatable Pool Float Set, you can enjoy both! It can easily be transformed from a volleyball court that measures nine feet wide to a basketball hoop. This pool float set includes inflatable basketball and volleyball with 2 weight bags to keep the game sets in place.

Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

A pool party is boring without any music. Placing your speakers to face outside with its volume in maximum will only annoy your neighbors. Getting wireless floating pool speakers is a great alternative solution.

These speakers are completely waterproof, offering various volume levels, and provides a crisp and rich stereo sound in high definition. It can be connected to your computer, smartphone, and tablet. With this, you can play your favorite playlist and control the volume easily. Most of all, it has colorful lights that make this speaker stunning even when you see it from afar.

Get these KingSom Bluetooth Pool Speaker Floatable with 100% water and dust resistance and produces high-quality, crystal sound. This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a hands-free function and is an IPX7 (Immersion up to 1 m for 30 minutes underwater) certified.

Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders

These PETUOL 36 Packs Inflatable Drink Holders combine fun and functionality in one.

They’re designed to hold your drinks securely and not tip over while doing it. And surely, no one can turn away from cute flamingos floating around their pools, right?

Poolmaster Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain

As a pool owner, you must know that pool circulation is important. You might already have a pump and everything, but a well-positioned one can’t just be cooling and pretty, but it can also help circulate your pool water around even more.

The Poolmaster Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain have fully adjustable height and direction. It can fit most 1.5-inch threaded return fittings and operates for both above-ground and inground pools. It’s also super easy to install.

Pool Toy and Float Storage Bin

Does your pool area look like a pool float factory with all the pool floats scattered around? It’s time to organize them with a storage bin to store them all in one area. They’ll be well-protected, and no one will be tripping over them.

This Rolling Pool Toy and Float Storage Bin is made of high-quality mesh, allowing air to circulate and dry your pool toys. This also reduces the chance of mold cropping up on the storage bin itself as well as your pool toys. It doesn’t require any tools to assemble and has wheels, making it easier to place it in any place you want.

Pool Noodles

The Fix Find Colorful Foam 5 Pack Pool Swim Noodles are inexpensive, long-lasting noodles great for games, water exercises, and lounging. These swim noodles come in different dazzling jewel tones and are made of extra dense foam that generates a stiffer, more buoyant pool noodle you’ll surely enjoy for many years.

Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

The Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge can be used in any kind of pool. It’s super comfortable and also has a backrest to relax on while floating around the pool. It comes with a sunshade that’ll keep you from getting sunburnt.

But if you like to bask under the sun, the lounge’s sunshade can be easily detached. They also come with built-in cup holders and a repair patch.

Pool Fence

An unclimbable mesh pool fence equipped with a locked gate is an essential pool accessory for safety. Have one installed, or you can buy a DIY kit such as the Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section Kit.

Outdoor Cooler Table

Hot days by the pool are made much better by cold drinks. Having an outdoor cooler table like the Keter Pacific Cool Bar Side Table makes keeping your drinks cool and accessible much easier. This weather-resistant resin table is equipped with a 7-1/2 gallon cooler, capable of holding up to 40 canned drinks and ice. To access, you just have to lift the top, which can extend to 10 inches, and you can then elevate it to work as a cocktail table.a