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Searching for printable bible activities for your children or Sunday School class? Here you’ll find some really awesome activities and games that they’ll enjoy. These games are designed to not only create an exciting time for children or youth groups but also to promote learning.

Use these printable bible activities to enhance teaching, reinforce lessons, evaluate comprehension and make bible learning fun. These fun games are ready for use so all you have to do is click, print and prepare for fun! So make these activities a part of your lesson plans or youth group entertainment. Your work is nearly done when you’ve got great printable fun!

King of Egypt

Scriptures to Know

Days of Creation

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Trust you found these printable bible activities to be the fun games you were after and more. Be sure to check in again as there is more printable fun in the making as well as other games throughout the site you’ll want to make use of during various occasions.

Be sure to take a peek at the other bible games available as you may find some game ideas to make a part of your youth group and/or Sunday School class. You’ll find some really great games that include printables and some awesome games that are simply Prep & Play.

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Understand you’re looking for bible games but ah… don’t limit yourself to only the bible gaming section of this site. Take a stroll through the other categories for games that can be repurposed for your gaming needs. The games are multi-purposed meaning they are not limited to their categories but rather have the potential to fit just about any occasion. So don’t do yourself an injustice by focusing on the gaming category. Take a tour and you’ll find so much more!

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