Pool Games for Kids

Are your kids tired of just swimming around during pool parties? Make them experience more fun by trying some of these pool games for kids. From playing tag to volleyball matches, your kids will definitely have fun. 

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1. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is an easy game that can be played even with just two players. You can definitely go for more if you want. 

To play the game, you must pick a player to play as the “it.” That player must close his eyes or have him blindfolded and count until a certain number (your pick). While the “it” player counts, the others must scatter throughout the pool. When the “it” stops counting, they have to start tagging the other players, using only their voice to search for them. The “it” has to call out “Marco,” while the other players must answer “Polo.” When another player gets tagged, that player becomes the “it,” and then the game starts all over again. Get answers to your questions by checking out swimming lessons in Singapore for adults.

2. Duck Push

To play this game, you’ll need to provide one rubber duck per player and then send all of them to one edge of the pool.

When you say “Go,” the players must push their ducks to the other edge without using their hands. Instead, they can push the ducks by blowing on them, bumping them with their noses and forehead, or doing anything it takes to keep them moving as long as they don’t use their hands.

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3. Basketball and Volleyball

What you’ll need to play these are the usual basketball or volleyball, as well as a hoop or a net.

To play, have the players be divided into teams and play the same as what you would do in a normal game of volleyball or basketball. The only difference is you’re playing it in the pool. 

4. Floatie Race

To play the Floatie Race, you’ll need one pool floaties/rafts per player big enough to sit on.

Have the players get on their floaties and form a line at one edge of the pool. Pick someone to act as the referee.

After the referee yells “Go,” the players must race to the opposite edge of the pool without falling off their floaties. Those who do are automatically disqualified.

The player to first arrive there wins!

5. Cardboard Boat Race

For the cardboard boat race, you’ll need cardboard boxes, packing tape, scissors, markers, colored paper, and stickers. To play, divide the players into several teams, if many, and give them an hour to use the supplies given to them to create their cardboard boat. Do encourage them to be imaginative with their creations and ask them to give the boats a name. When the hour is up, have each team put their boats into the pool. 

The cardboard boat that stays afloat the longest wins!

Safety tip: As you’re playing this game with kids, be sure that adult supervision is available when cutting the cardboard.

6. Follow the Leader

To play follow the leader, you must pick one player to play the “leader,”

and another one to play the “watcher.”

The leader should stand in the middle of the pool while the watcher should be out, standing in a place where they have a view of everyone. The rest of the players should form a line behind the leader.

When the players hear the watcher say “Go,” the leader must start swimming in any way they want, which the players have to mirror precisely. The watcher has to keep a close eye on each player and eliminate those who fail to mimic that leader.

Those who are eliminated have to leave the pool, and the last one remaining wins and becomes the new leader!

7. Bumper Balls

To play this game, you’ll need a beach ball and a rope/cord. The ropes must be placed across one section of the pool, and each player must be given a beach ball.

When they hear “Go,” the players must use their beach balls to bump one another into the rope. If a player touches the rope, they’re out of the game. 

The last player to remain in the pool wins!

8. Atomic Whirlpool

The players must get in the pool and form a single line along the edge to play this game.

Have the players walk around the pool’s edge, and after 30 seconds, make them jog. After another 30 seconds, ask them to run. By this point, there should already be a strong current stringing them along.

Tell the players to stop and then walk in the opposite direction. It’ll almost be impossible for them to push against the current!

Safety tip: Have an adult supervise your kids as there is a risk of slipping.