Learn About the Game of Carrom

A group of buttons sitting on top of a wooden table 

Introduction A popular South Asian game that gained international fame and has become exceptionally popular during the pandemic. Among the checkerboards, Scrabble, chess, and the Monopoly box that’s missing parts, this game in many families’ collections sticks out from the rest. It’s not only because it’s the size of a small table. … Read more

Learn About the Game of Backgammon

A backgammon board

Introduction For ages, players have been enthralled by the intriguing and historic board game of Backgammon. Backgammon is a traditional board game that has captivated players for over 5,000 years. It is considered as one of the oldest board games that continues to pique people’s interest. Despite its apparent complexity, Backgammon is … Read more

Learn About the Game of Mahjong

A close up of a game of dominos on a table

Introduction When you think of Mahjong, you probably picture an elderly crowd seated at a table, totally focused on the game. The game of Mahjong is entirely different from dominos, even though the tiles are similar. Mahjong is more comparable to the card game Rummy played in the West. China is the … Read more

Learn About the Game of Reversi

Standard-Board - Reversi

An Overview of Reversi Reversi is a classic game that the whole family will enjoy because it has the exciting aesthetics of an old game and is incredibly simple to master. Reversi is a game that you can play if you’re sick of playing checkers and want something a little more challenging … Read more

Learn About the Game of Go

A close of a board game with black and white balls

An Overview of Go Go is a game of territory. Go is an Asian board game where players can create an incredibly sophisticated strategy, much like chess is to the West. Go has a significant historical and cultural meaning in Japan. Go is a board game of strategy created in China thousands … Read more

Dinner Party Game Ideas for Large Groups


When hosting a dinner party for a large group, it’s always a good idea to have some fun and engaging games to keep everyone entertained. You don’t want to be branded as a host who holds boring parties, don’t you? Don’t fret; this article will give you ideas for a splendidly fun … Read more

Dinner Party Game Ideas to Play At a Restaurant


Hosting a dinner party for a group in a restaurant is less tedious than having the party at your house. No need to cook meals, no need to clean up after the guests are gone, and no need to clean the house and make it presentable. Plus, you’ll be sure of the … Read more

Learn All About the Game of Crokinole


If you enjoy games like Carrom, hot wheels, or finger-flicking games, you’ll definitely want to give crokinole a try. It’s a fast, enjoyable, and highly addictive dexterity game that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, it’s a game of strategy that won’t cease to capture your focus and interest until the end. … Read more

Learn All About the Game of Pichenotte

Carrom Gameplay and Equipment

Pichenotte is a commonly used Canadian French word that means “flick.” It’s derived from the European French noun “pichenotte,” which also means flick. But this word also refers to any disk-flicking game such as crokinole, carom, and pitchnut. Learn all about these games here: What is Pichenotte? “Pichenotte” is a term commonly … Read more

Floor Game Ideas to Keep Children Entertained

children playing obstacle course on the floor

Are your kids often bored looking for something new to do? Or are you thinking of fun activities for children on an upcoming kids’ party you’re planning? These games will keep them entertained and make them forget about screens for a while! Are your kids often bored looking for something new to … Read more