Guide To Playing Volleyball

Volleyball was first played in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States. It is a two-team sport having 6 players on each team. The net separates the teams on the court. A simple and organized rule to win the game is to ground the ball in the other team’s court. However, there are other rules too to play volleyball. It has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since Tokyo 1964. 

To perform well in the court, first, you need to understand the rules and etiquettes of the game. With practice and experience, you can develop skills to perform outstandingly in the volleyball match. Volleyball can be played indoors, on grass, beach. Beach Volleyball became part of the Summer Olympic Games in 1996, Atlanta. 

How To Play Volleyball 

To make it easier for you, there are easy 7 steps to play volleyball:

1. Find The Players

To play volleyball, you need to find 12 players for two teams. Each team will be having 6 players. 3 players will be in front of the 3-meter line that means they will be closest to the net. The other 3 players will be in the back row, close to the ending court line. The back-right corner position player will serve the ball. 

2. Coin Flip for Serve

To decide that which team will serve first, the referee will flip the coin for a toss. The winner of the toss can choose 2 things. One is the right to serve the ball and the second is the side of the court. 

3. Serve The Ball

The serving player should serve the ball behind the court’s line. Once the player has served, the game begins. 

4. Returning The Ball

The other team which did not serve will receive the ball. Now the receiving team will receive the ball, pass it to the setter to set the ball for the attacker. At last, confirming 3 hits, the attacker will hit the ball back in the opponent’s court.

5. Play Until Rally Ends

Both teams will keep playing until there is a fault such as a ball touches the ground. The fault can be due to the rule’s violation such as a player’s foot under the net, exceeding the 3-touch rule, a player touches the net, touching the ball twice, etc. 

6. Serve Again

If a fault happens during the gameplay, the ball will be served again. Now, the serve will be given to the team that has committed the fault. 

7. Repeat

Now you have to repeat the steps from 3 to 7 until a team wins the game or match. 

Basic Rules and Regulations 

Basic Rules and Regulations 

There are some important rules of volleyball that you need to learn before you start playing the game. 

  • At all times, there should be a maximum of 6 players on one side. In each team, 3 players should be positioned in the front row near to the net and the remaining three players should be in the back row. 
  • The maximum number of touches allowed for each side is 3. It means that the ball can only be hit 3 times by players before they pass it to the other side of the court. If there are 4 hits or touches, the other team gets a point. 
  • The objective of this game is to send the volleyball to the opposing team’s side over the net. If you are playing wisely, the opposing team might not be able to send back the ball to your side. 
  • Every game begins with a serve. The server player serves the ball behind the court line from their side to the opposing team’s court. 
  • If the receiving team wins a volley, they gain a point and the right to serve on the next play. On the other side, the players in the receiving team will rotate one position clockwise. 
  • A team will earn the point when the opposing team is not able to return the ball to the other side within 3 hits. Also, when the receiving team drops the ball to the ground, the opposing team earns a point. 
  • If the team hits or kills the ball onto the opposing team’s court, a point is earned by that team. It is another way of winning a volley. 
  • The points are earned by any of the team if the ball touches the ground within painted boundaries. If the ball touches within the boundary, your team will earn a point. On other hand, if the ball touches ground beyond the boundaries, the other team will earn a point. 
  • A player can contact the ball with the foot. You can use the foot as a last resort to save the ball from touching the ground. 

How To Win a Volleyball Game?

To win a match or game, you will have to score certain points that will make your team win the match. 

  • Usually, the game is played until 21 or 25 points. 2 points lead is needed by a team to win the game. 
  • The game can continue beyond 21 or 25 points. For example, if the game score is 26-24, each team scores a point after the other team’s score. It can continue till 24 points. This only happens if both the teams are having 20 points. 
  • To win the match, there are best two out of three wins or sometimes best three out of five. Whichever team wins the two or three games, wins the match. 

Volleyball Violations 

There are a few rule violations that will make your team lose a point. Make sure that you are following the rules to win the match. 

  • If a player crosses or steps on the serving line, the opponent team will earn a point. 
  • If a player fails to serve the ball, the point will be awarded to the receiving team. Now receiving team will serve the ball.
  • The players are not allowed to illegally touch the ball. The illegal touches can be carrying, double touching, lifting, and throwing. A setter cannot hold the ball for long before setting the ball for the attacker. If the setter does so, it is carrying, and a violation of the rule. 
  • Back row players are not allowed to block the ball even if they are near the net. It is considered illegal when the back-row player is having their body above the top of the net when the opponent is attacking. 
  • If a back row player attacks on the front row, it is also a violation. For example, a back-row player cannot attack in front of the 3-meter or 10-foot line. 
  • It is illegal and a violation of rules if the player attacks the coming ball from the opponent’s side while it is still in the opponent’s court. To attack the ball back without violating the rules, wait for the ball to cross the vertical plane of the net. 
  • A player cannot block the ball if the opponent team has not used their three hits yet. The opponent team may make a play. If you do so, you will be violating the rules. 

Volleyball Violations

Volleyball Guide and Rules – Perform Well in The Volleyball Court

The volleyball match lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. It means that each set is played for 20 to 30 minutes. However, there is no time limitation. The game only ends when one team wins the set. You can perform well on the volleyball court if you know the rules and regulations and violations that can make your team earn or lose a point. Also, according to your position, you can practice your abilities and skills for better performance.