Guide to Ninja

Ninja, also known as Ultimate Ninja or Ninja Slap, is a group game that involves physical activity. The game is open to all ages, and two up to ten players can play – sometimes it can take up to more than ten.

The main goal is simple: the players need to be the last man standing and do their best not to get hit by another player. If played in a large group, this game could be hilarious and exciting. The game doesn’t require any special equipment to play. However, players need to have focus and quick reflexes to dominate the game.


The players should form a circle facing each other, and make sure there’s enough space for them to move freely – usually at arms-length. Then the game leader or the moderator will shout “Ultimate Ninja!” and everyone will freeze in a ninja pose.

Each player should remember the turn sequence so that they would be ready for an attack or defense situation. The sequence usually goes clockwise.

The first player to play is determined at the beginning of the game. Once the game starts, the first player to play will perform an attack on another player. Take note that the attacker should direct a strike to the other player’s hand. If an attack landed on the arms or body, it would not count

If a player attacks, the other player would have the chance to defend and dodge the attack by swiftly moving their arms in an opposing direction. A different version has additional rules; The defender can move their feet when dodging. However, in the original version, the defender cannot move their feet.

After an attack, whether it is successful or not, the hands and arms of the attacker should go back in the frozen ninja pose. This rule goes the same with the defender. After dodging, the player should go back to their posture.

If the player made a successful attack, the stricken hand would be out of the game, and the defender can only use one hand. If both sides were already hit, the player will be out of the game and should leave the circle.

After each turn performing an attack, the next player should make an attack right away. The process should be continuous and quick to make the game fast-paced and more challenging.

The players need to act quickly and repeating the process until there’s only a last man standing.

Popular Variants

    1. Lightning Round –

      This game has a similar concept as the original game. However, in this game, the players will face one-on-one with each other. Fast strikes and quick dodges are required to win the game. Both players need to rapidly attack each other while still considering the proper turn sequence. The game ends if one player got hit or if the sequence got messed up, and both can’t remember whose turn is it.

    2. Ninja Balance –

      This version has a more set of rules compared to the original game. The players can only use one hand to attack. The other hand is placed behind the back and cannot do anything. The players also may not move their feet, and it is put one foot in front of the other – the ankle is touching the toe. The main goal of the game is the players must maintain balance while attacking and dodging. The players need to attack the hand that is behind the back. Striking the hand behind the back would give a point to the attacker, the same as if the defender moved their foot and lose balance.