Family Party Games for Family Game Night

Looking for family party games for your next family game night event? Well these games are simply awesome choices because they are filled with loads of fun and family bonding activities. Use these family fun ideas to spark the magic in family time and end your search for family activities.

Family party games are an undoubted way to add laughter and fun to any family. Having a family game night that incorporates wonderful family bonding activities can change a families dynamics in unimaginable ways. Take advantage of these family party games and see for yourself. These family fun ideas are just what you’ve been after.

When & Then

This game is a play on the popular game of Pictionary. Only, instead of trying to guess random words or phrases, you are trying to recall past events shared with the family.

With this game, the sketcher recalls an event by saying “remember when…” giving a brief tale of events. The “Then…” is where the tale ends and the fun begins as the family tries to remember what happened next by watching the sketcher sketch out the clues.

This is a great family bonding game for reunions or simply an after dinner activity. Be sure to add it to your list of family party games.

You Will Need: timer, pen/chalk/dry erase marker & large canvas for drawing (dry erase board, chalk board, etc.)

How to Play:

Step 1: Start off by dividing the family into teams of two or more people. Select one person from each team to be the sketcher. This duty will rotate to each member of the team while the remaining members try to guess what’s being drawn.

Step 2: Select one person to be the impartial judge. Before the sketcher begins, the sketcher must first write down the word or phrase that will be sketched and hand it to the judge. Only the sketcher and the judge should have any knowledge of what has been written. The judge will help to decide if the answers given are acceptable.

Step 3: Determine which team will play first by flipping a coin or rolling die. Each team will take turns recalling and telling the “When” of an event that the family will try to remember. This will then lead to the “Then” that will be drawn. For example, “Remember [when] dad was playing with the baby and mom told him to be careful because the baby had just been fed. Dad didn’t listen. He held the baby up in the air and [then]…” At this point the sketcher will begin to draw what happened next while the team uses the clues to recall the proper word or phrase.

Step 4: Set the timer to 60 seconds. Time begins when the sketcher says “Then…” and proceeds to draw. The sketcher may not use clues that contain letters, numbers, symbols or body gestures. The sketcher’s team has 60 seconds to correctly guess the word or phrase.

Step 5: Since a game board isn’t required you’ll need to set Max Points to determine the winner. The recommended number for Max Points is 45 (or whatever number you feel comfortable with). If the first team successfully guesses the word or phrase within the allotted 60 seconds they are awarded 5 points. The sketching then rotates to the next person within the successful team who will then submit their word or phrase to the impartial judge.

Step 6: The same team will continue to play while rotating the sketcher until the moment time expires before the word or phrase is correctly identified. When this happens, the play then goes to the next team. Continue playing until a team wins by reaching the Max Points.

Other Family Games:

Really hope these family party games add fun and laughter to your family game night. Keeping the family together with family fun ideas is always a great way to create moments and memories. Use these family bonding activities and see just how fun and crazy your beloved family really is!

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