Choose Ways to Play Scattergories With Friends Online

Do you want to spice up your Zoom calls? Do you want to play a fun online game at the next virtual happy hour? Tired of just staring at your pals’ faces during video chats?

Don’t worry, because UK casino pay by phone bill not on Gamstop can be played online. It will, at the very least, awaken the nostalgic portion of your brain.

Scattergories, Milton Bradley’s 1988 party game, is probably familiar to you. You’ve seen it on store shelves in the games section, but did you know you can also play Scattergories online? When you play Scattergories online rather than in person, you can play with people from all over the world as long as each person has an internet connection.

Scattergories has stayed popular over the years because it is simple to learn, enjoyable, and suitable for players aged 12 and up. However, your even younger smarty-pants child will probably enjoy it as well. Scattergories is the low-stakes game you’re looking for if you and your friends want the little competition.

Here are different ways to play Scattergories online with friends. Let the games (with low stakes) begin!

An Online Version of Scattergories

Scattegories is available in a variety of forms on the internet. You’ll have to share your screen if you want to play this on a video conference.

It’s pretty straightforward from there. Just ensure everyone has a pencil, a piece of paper, and a willingness to be honest about their answers.

How Scattergories Online Functions

While gameplay varies slightly from version to version, here’s how Scattergories works when played online.

  1. Players enter either a private or a public room.
  2. When the game starts, the website or app displays a list of categories and an initial letter.
  3. Each player must formulate a word that begins with the first letter that fits in each category and is well within the time limit (typically two minutes). Take, for example, the category ‘Animals’ and the first letter ‘C.’ You could go with “cat” or “cheetah.” You win a point if no other player selects the same word for a given category!

Scattergories Online Playing Sites

a close up of a person’s hand typing on a keyboard

Magmic Inc. controls the Scattergories mobile app market. Because Hasbro owns the Scattergories trademark and Magmic has their approval, these are the only official Scattergories mobile apps.

Magmic has developed two different games:

  • Scattergories- this app allows you to play the classic game with opponents picked at random or friends. A head-to-head challenge or regular gameplay is available.
  • Scattergories Blitz- imagine Scattergories without the preliminary letter requirement. Instead, try to include as many items as possible in each category. You might be asked to name as many popular superhero leagues as possible, such as the Fantastic Five or Batman and Robin.

Scattergories are available for free on this website in over a dozen languages. What a fantastic way to expand your vocabulary in a foreign language!

Before you begin, you can select game categories and the number of rounds and players. The website will match you with other players from around the world, or you can invite friends by forwarding them the game link or adding a bot as a co-player.

After the first round, you will see a roster of the other players’ entries. You can then challenge any of their statements. Verifying the results will bring you directly to the next round of gameplay or, if you finished the final round, to the game results.

It’s not the most visually appealing website, and there are a few ads, but nothing too offputting.

a man with his chin on his hand on the table looking at his laptop

This free and ad-free site is ideal for playing Scattergories online when combined with Zoom or your preferred online meeting platform.

Here’s how to play it:

  1. First, start a Zoom meeting.
  2. Then, someone goes to this website and shares the screen so that everyone sees the same list of categories.
  3. Assign someone to be the timekeeper.
  4. When the person sharing the screen clicks Play, you’re ready to go.
  5. When the timer goes off, everyone shares their responses.
  6. If another player provides the same answer as you for a specific category, neither of you receives a point.

The site has a clean, simple design, but you can switch to the Old Version if you don’t like it.


A link to Play Online is hidden in the Swellgarfo website’s (BETA) footer. By selecting it, you will be taken to really.boring. lobby/website where you can play Scattergories online by joining or creating a public or private room.

This free website includes a chat box and the rulebook, allowing everyone to agree on the rules. The layout is appealing and can accommodate groups of up to 24 people!

Scattergories can be played online using StopotS’ Android, web, or iOS apps. All of the apps are free, but they contain advertisements. You can play anonymously or with a Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.

Create a room and start playing right away. With in-game chat, you can easily communicate with other players. Gameplay is fluid, and the app guides players through all game levels, from answering questions to verifying them.

two kids on the bed smiling and looking at the laptop

This site is designed for children studying English as a second language, but anyone who would like to play Scattergories online will enjoy it. You’ll need to join a Zoom call to play with other people, just like Swellgarfo.

Select one person to go to this website and share their screen. The game will begin once they press the “Choose a letter” button and activate the timer. When the timer goes off, everyone communicates their answers, and the score is kept as usual.

Create Your Scattergories

If you want to make your game version, there’s a blog with records of original Scattergories category cards. Combine that with the Scattergories timer video with the original Scattergories timer sounds and a random letter generator, and you’ve got yourself a trip back in time.

Scattergories, The Board Game

If you’re on a Zoom call, odds are at least one person has a physical copy of Scattergories. Change the rules to make that person the Scattergories MC. They will roll the letter dice and choose one of the game’s lists.

When the timer goes off, they’ll go through every category one at a time while everyone else takes notes. If they’re feeling generous, they can review the list again so people can answer any questions they may have missed. After that, you score the game as usual.

This version is best suited for groups where screen sharing might be difficult or if you want a version of Scattergories that allows you to interact with your mates more while playing.