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Need children bible games for your Sunday school or youth group? Here are some fun games and activities they’re sure to enjoy. These free bible games will bring life to your group in ways that will excite and encourage them. So check out these games and ideas then incorporate these fun games into your next class or youth gathering.

The children bible games provided here promote learning biblical truth in a way that is both fun and engaging. So your group of children will not only be learning about the bible but they’ll also enjoy the learning experience. Infuse these free bible games into your next gathering and watch their knowledge increase in the midst of laughter and fun!

Dividing Divisions

Children bible games are a great way to review and evaluate retention on a lesson. This game targets Old & New Testament Divisions in a fun and challenging way. It requires speed and teamwork yet allows plenty of fun. This game is an excellent way to challenge your youth to gain a better understanding of the Bible by knowing the bible divisions.

What You’ll Need: index card or tennis balls, 12 small boxes/containers, pen/markers, timer & music

How to Play:

Step 1: Using either index cards or tennis balls, write the name of each Bible book per 1 index or tennis ball. If you opt to use tennis balls (which may be more fun for the children), you may want to write the abbreviated version of each book on the balls (be sure the children have an understanding of the abbreviations if using this option).

Step 2: Lay out 10 boxes/containers in the play area; 5 on one side (side A) and 5 on the opposite side (side B). Label side A’s boxes/containers with the Old Testament (OT) divisions: Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets & Minor Prophets. Label side B’s boxes/container with the New Testament (NT) divisions: Gospels, Church History, Pauline Epistles, General Epistles & Prophecies. Each box/container should be labeled with only 1 division.

Step 3: Label the 2 remaining boxes by naming one OT and the other NT. Place all the OT cards or tennis balls in the box/container labeled OT and place the rest in the box/container labeled NT. Create 2 teams 5 or fewer people per team. Give one team the box/container that’s labeled OT and give the other team the NT box/container.

Step 4: Set the timer for 5-10 minutes (considering the age of the children), At the “go” signal, teams will race the clock to be the first to sort their cards or tennis balls into the correct 5 boxes/containers. One team will be working to sort OT books (team A) and the other team NT books (team B). Play some motivating music while the teams are working as it really enhances the mood.

Step 5: When time is up, stop the music and ask the teams to stop working. Evaluate each of team A’s boxes/containers and get the total number of books sorted correctly then do the same for team B (place the cards or tennis balls back into the OT or NT box/container after evaluating each division box to keep things sorted).

Step 6: After recording the totals for each team, have the teams switch sides and give them the OT or NT box that corresponds to the side they’re now standing on – this is round 2. During this round, teams will do the same as before with the exception of working on a different Testament. At the end of round 2, total the number correct for each team and add it to that team’s total from round 1. The team with the highest total wins Dividing Divisions! This will make a great addition to your collection of children bible games.

Scrambled Words (bible verses)

This game is similar to Scrambled Word Squares but provides a bit more tailoring to suit children bible games. It’s a really fun activity that helps the players to think critically, recall and retain. Learning Bible verses feel more like active fun with this fun game (can also be used for mature ages). If you want your children to retain bible verse then you’ll want to add this to your list of children bible games.

What You’ll Need: timer, index cards, pens/markers & Ziploc bags

How to Play:

Step 1: Decide on the bible verse(s) you would like the players to focus on (be sure to present the verse either day prior to the game or early on in the session). Write each word of the verse on the index cards; 1 word per each index card.

Step 2: Scramble the cards then place all the cards for that verse in a Ziploc bag being sure to make note of the verse placed in the bag. If you choose to label the bag then be discrete in labeling (example: If using John 3:16, label it something like J316 so players cannot easily determine what’s in the bag). Repeat step 1 to create a 2nd set of words for the same verse. You will need a minimum of 2 sets – 1 for each team. Create more for each additional team you intend to work with.

Step 3: Create 2 or more teams with 2-3 people per team. Give each team 1 bag of the scrambled words for the verse you’ve chosen.

Step 4: At the “go” signal (music should be played simultaneously to this signal), teams will race to be the first to correctly unscramble the letters and form the intended scripture verse. When a team indicates they have correctly solved the scrambled words, evaluate their effort to ensure they have indeed won. The first team to correctly solve the scrambled words wins this biblical game of Scrambled Words!


  • Just because its children bible games doesn’t mean it can’t pose a challenge. Here’s a little variation you may want to throw in. Add an extra word or two that doesn’t belong to each bag (same word for all bags). This makes the game a bit more challenging and all the more fun. Add words that sound similar to the correct word and/or words that make sense if applied to the verse. Example: John 14:6 contains the word “life.” A good word to use as an extra would be “light.” Teams must put the words together correctly and identify which word is extra. The first team to do this correctly wins!
  • Add text cards that note where the verse is possibly taken from. Example: If the words to be unscrambled is a verse taken from John 14:6 then include a card that notes “John 14:6”, and two additional cards that note the wrong text. Player must not only unscramble the words correctly but also identify which of the 3 text cards goes with the verse. Depending on how much they know, these cards may either help them solve the game or trip them up at the end. The first team to do this correctly wins! This is a fun and challenging addition to your children bible games.

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 Really pray these children bible games to bring laughter and learning into your Sunday school or general gathering. Make use of these free bible games as they have the ability to be definite benefits to children and mature groups alike.


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