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Searching for bible trivia games for your children, Sunday School class or youth group? Here you’ll find the bible fun facts you’re wanting as well as other free bible study activities.

These games are intended to enhance learning, topic retention and envoke fun. Challenge the minds and retention of your group with these activities and see just how much they really know.

Save time and reduce the hassle of trivia prep. These bible trivia games allow you to maximize your time in other areas of your youth group or Sunday school class.

The answers are included with each game along with their scripture reference so there’s no need to wonder if they are correct. A quick look at the scripture verses provided will confirm the correct answer allowing players to keep the game going with ease.

Great for Group or Self Enhancement

Don’t have a class or group to challenge? Why not challenge yourself? Yes, challenge yourself and see how much YOU know. You may surprise yourself.

Give it a try, it will be a lot of fun. No one is going to know how you did unless you share it (and if you don’t want to share… perhaps you may want to take advantage of these free bible trivia games and challenge yourself a little more). Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the challenge. laugh at your memory lapses, remind yourself then come back for more.

The great news is these games are FREE! Just click, print and play! Yep, it’s that simple. All you need is the PDF software on your computer, a printer and you’re ready to go.

Enjoy these free bible games as they make good icebreakers, sunday school challenges, group competitions and even self enhancement. Add a little fun to your studies with these free bible study activities and let the learning be joyous.

Printable Bible Trivia – FREE

The 12 Dicsciples

Bible Divisions

Biblical Numbers

Other Bible Games:

Really hope you enjoyed the printable bible trivia games as they are intended to promote learning fun. Be sure to share these FREE bible games with your friends, family and Sunday school classmates so they too can make use of these printable bible fun facts. Bible study is a great thing but every once in a while its good to tease your mind and these free bible study activities do just that.

There are other printables available besides bible trivia games. Be sure to check out the other printable games made available to you. Just as the bible trivia games here, the other printable activities are also free!

All you need to do is click on the game you want, print it then get ready to enjoy. Some of the printable games are associated with game ideas that INCLUDE a printable. It’s a good idea to check those out as well as they may lead you to an excellent game that meets your needs.


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