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Looking for some great bible activities to be used during the next youth service? Want to find free bible games that are loaded with fun? You’ll find some awesome fun games here that are sure to please.

Bible games are a great way to spice up any casual church service. With the use of these free bible games, your next youth meeting is sure to be a hit.

These fun games will challenge the youth within your local assembly in a fun and competitive way. Give these bible activities a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Sword in Hand

By now, most of us are familiar with or have bible software on our computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. These applications make it really easy for anyone to locate any book of the Bible along with its chapters and verses within a matter of seconds. But how fast could one do it using a handheld bible? Add this game to your selection of Bible activities and it will soon be revealed.

What You’ll Need: handheld bible (no software)

How to Play:

Step 1: Randomly pre-select a number of scripture verses from the bible (about 20-40 depending on how long you want the game played and the size of the group). Be sure to include scriptures that may not be so easy to find as well as 1 or 2 obvious finds.

Step 2: Designate 1 person to call out the scriptures and divide the remaining group into teams of 2 or more. Every member of each group must have their own handheld bible.

Step 3: Scriptures will be called out one at a time. Before the caller calls out any scripture, he or she must say “sword in hand.” When teams hear “sword in hand” they are to raise their Bibles up in the air with one hand. This is to ensure that all bibles are closed before the scripture is called out. Bibles must remain in the air until the caller gives the scripture and says “go.” Team members may not lower their bible or begin to search for the scripture until the caller says “go.”

Step 4: When a team member finds the scripture he is to quickly stand up and wait to be acknowledged by the caller as the first to stand. When the team member is acknowledged by the caller he is to read the scripture verse found and the caller will confirm or deny that the scripture read by the team member is correct. If the scripture read is incorrect then the opportunity to get it right goes to the 2nd person to have stood from another team. When standing, team members may not be in search of the scripture but should have already found it. If a team member needs the scriptures repeated while the search is in progress he may shout out “repeat.” The caller may only repeat the scripture 1 more time (so team members need to listen carefully or ask a team member).

Step 5: Ten points are awarded to the first team that stands and reads out the correct scripture verse. Five points are deducted from teams when a team member is found searching for the scripture before the caller says “go.” Five points are also deducted if a team member stands to read but is actually still looking for the scripture (may need a judge or 2 to monitor these things). When all the randomly selected scriptures have been called out, the team with the most points wins Sword in Hand! This game is a fun choice to mix in with your selection of bible activities.

Egypt to Canaan

Bible activities make any youth service fun. Here’s a great game to add to your list of fun activity games. It’s a game that challenges memory and encourages bible verse knowledge. It’s a gaming journey that can only be won by the Word. This is a great choice for bible activities.

What You’ll Need: timer & access to a bible app or software for quick reference when needed

How to Play:

Step 1: This fun game is a race between two people. Select 2 people to do the walk from Egypt to Canaan and one person to moderate the game. If using the sanctuary, place each person in the center aisle about 10-15 benches back from the pulpit. They should be standing side-by-side in the center aisle facing the pulpit. If not using the sanctuary then simply have the players stand 10-15 steps back from any designated area (facing that area).

Step 2: The goal of each player is to be the first to get from where they are standing (Egypt) to the pulpit/designated area (Canaan) within 10-15 steps. To do so, players will take turns trying to successfully recite a scripture verse from memory (not required to state where the scripture is taken from – just quote it correctly). Each time the scripture is correctly quoted the player may advance one bench/step forward towards “Canaan.” If the player does not quote the scripture verse correctly when it is their turn then he simply cannot step forward and the play goes to the other person. The moderator will keep track of whose turn it is, response time (15 seconds) and quickly confirm the scriptures have been quoted correctly (using a bible software for quick reference) when necessary.

Step 3: Both players have three lifelines (each lifeline may only be used once) to help them should they get stuck: (1) Use a Bible App – this option allows the player to use any device with a bible app and read out any scripture so they can advance. (2) Phone a Friend – this option allows the player to ask anyone to find scripture and read it out for them. (3) Completion Help – this option is useful when the player can only remember parts of scripture but cannot complete it correctly and may only be used when the player is able to recite some portions on their own. The player may then ask anyone to do a search on that scripture using keywords from what he has already been able to recall. Whoever is assisting the player with Completion Help must locate the scripture the player was initially trying to recite and cannot substitute with a different scripture.

Step 4: Players have 15 seconds to recite their verse before the play defaults to the other player. When a player opts to use a lifeline, he must call out the lifeline he wants to use (Bible App, Phone a Friend or Completion Help) before his 15 seconds expires. The player will have an additional 15 seconds to use a lifeline. The first player to get to “Canaan” wins! Make this game a part of your choice of bible activities.

Other Bible Games:

Pray you found just the fun games you were searching for. May these bible activities bring the sort of entertainment and fellowship to your youth group that exceeds all expectation. Make these free bible games a part of your youth service fun and see just how much joy is unleashed! Be sure to check the other bible activities on this site and maximize your gaming pleasure.
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