15 Fun Swimming Pool Games

Getting bored during pool parties? Try these fun pool game ideas that might just make your party more fun and enjoyable. 

1. Balloon Boat Race

You’ll need two or more players in even numbers to play this game and provide 1 balloon boat for each player/team. The race can be played in a one-on-one or team event.

The players have to line their balloon boats at the end of the pool and, on “Go,” launch them to the other side by releasing their hold on the balloons. In team events, players can launch their boats only after the previous team’s boat has stopped.

The player/s whose boat/s reached the farthest wins.

2. Atomic Whirlpool

The players must get in the pool and form a single line along the edge.

Have them walk/run in one direction along the edges of the pool for a few minutes until a whirlpool is formed. Tell the players to stop and then do the same but in the opposite direction. 

The players can experiment with their whirlpool, like tossing a ball. Meanwhile, If you are more interested to know the best online casinos in the U.S., visit https://www.bestusaonlinecasinos.com/.

3. Balloon Toss

Gather around 8 or more players in even numbers. Provide them with a large bucket of water balloons and a towel for every group of 2.

Two teammates must use the beach towel as a launcher and catcher and send the water balloon back and forth between them to play it.

This game aims to play for a few rounds without exploding the balloons.

4. Bobbing Heads

To play bobbing heads, you’ll need 4 or more players and a foam/beach ball. This game is similar to whack-a-mole but played in a pool. One player serves as the “hammer” who throws the balls at the “moles,” which are the other players. The “moles” must avoid getting hit by the ball, and when they get hit, they are out of the game.

The last remaining player wins and becomes the new “hammer.”  And for those who are searching for the most reputable online casino, we recommend you open the given link.

5. Belly Flop Contest

You’ll need two or more players for this game. A belly flop contest is a game where players, one-by-one, jump into the pool belly-first. 

The player who creates the loudest sound during the flop wins.

Please do exercise caution when playing since excessive belly-flopping can be painful.

6. Cannonball Championship

You play this game with 2 or more players, and each must take turns in launching themselves into the pool while tucking their knees and shape their bodies like a cannonball.

The player who creates the biggest splash wins.

7. Breath-holding Contest

You can play the breath-holding contest with 2 or more players. After counting to three, players must take a deep breath and dunk themselves underwater. 

The player who stayed the longest underwater wins.

Practice caution and responsibility when playing, as holding your breath too long can lead to dangerous situations.

8. Bumper Balls

To play, you’ll be needing 2 or more players, rope, and beach balls.

Section off an area of the pool using the rope and give each player a beach ball. The players have to bump each other into the rope using just the beach ball, and if they touch the rope, they’re out of the game.

The last player standing wins.

9. Floatie Race

What you’ll need for this game are 2 or more players and 1 inflatable floatie for each player/team.

To play, players must form a line atop their floatie at one end of the swimming pool. After hearing “go,” players have to race to the opposite end, still atop their floaties.


 Floatie Race

10. Colors

To play colors, you’ll need 4 or more players and have them all line up against a wall. Task one player to be the “it.” The “it” stands on the edge with their back to the others. Each player must then choose a color a not tell the others. The “it” will randomly call out a color and every player who chose the color have to swim across the pool without making any noise. If “it” hears a player crossing, they can turn around to catch the player and tag them. However, if a player’s hand was still on the pool’s edge when their color was called, the “it” has to take one step away from the edge and start the game again.

11. Cardboard Boat Race

You’ll need 2 or more players in even numbers, cardboard boxes, ducktape, and paddles (optional) to play this game.

Have the players construct their cardboard boats out of the materials you gave them. Once constructed, have the players form a line at the edge of the pool riding their boats. On “Go,” they must race across to the other side of the pool.

The player/team to reach the finish line, or sink last, wins.

12. Chicken Fight

You’ll need to play the chicken fight with 4 or more players, preferably in even numbers.

Divide the players into teams of two and have one stand in the water while the other perches on their shoulders. Have two teams square off against each other.

Both teams have to grapple their opponents and knock them off their teammate’s shoulders.

The last team remaining wins.

13. Croc Wrestling

To play this game, you’ll need 2 or more players and 2 inflatable crocodiles.

Croc wrestling is similar to the chicken fight, but instead of a teammate’s shoulders, the player has to sit atop an inflatable crocodile. The opposite team must knock their opponents off their crocodile.

14. Crocodile Hunter

Crocodile Hunter is played with 2 or more players, hula hoops, and 2 inflatable crocodiles.

To play, have the crocodiles line-up along one end of the pool. Have the players stand on the opposite end, facing the crocodiles. The game’s first objective is to have the players toss their hula hoops at the inflatable crocodile across them. On “Go,” each player must loop their hoops around the crocodile’s tail or head.

If a player succeeds in the first part, they must swim across the pool and towards the crocodile. From there, the player rides the crocodile back to the starting point as fast as possible.

The first team to finish wins.

15. Deep-Sea Treasure Hunt

You’ll need for this game are 2 players and an assortment of 30 (or more) coins for this game.

To begin, toss some coins into the pool, and on “Go,” the players have to dive into the pool to search for the coins that are dispersed across the floor and collect as many as they can within a certain time limit.

The one who collects the highest amount of coins wins.