Why You Should Care About Smart Finance(SMART): The Promising New GameFi

The goal of Smart Finance(SMART) is to simplify and effectively integrate the value of the web3-based Internet into society while also promoting the growth and popularization of global GameFi.

Smart Finance would enable its customers to swiftly and easily make investment returns from taking part in GameFi and Web3 social networking while attaining these objectives. It is anticipated that Smart Finance would become the most popular Web3 portal and the leading DAO for blockchain games.

what is smart token?

A native token for fair start is called SMART. Its sole means of production is via Smart NFT.

The engine that powers the ecosystem of smart finance is SMART token. Users can mine SMART tokens in three different methods. Staking SMART using Smart NFT is the first option. After the 7-day SMART Genesis mining period, which is available to all users, the SMART release will be modified and formally enter the community genesis phase. After then, each block produces 600 SMARTs, which are then cut in half every ninety days until the output is 622.08 million.

What is the Price of SMART Tokens?

Total SMART supply: 646,272,000 pieces. The highest price paid for Smart Game Finance (SMART token) is $4.09, which was recorded on Feb 15, 2023. At the time of writing, the current SMART price is $3.26 per coin.

Smart Finance(SMART token) Products


One of the essential functions is s-swap. Through S-swap, users can farm (liquidity mining), stake (pledge mining), and trade (trading).

The simplest way to earn tokens on Smart Finance is by staking.

Smart NFT

All of the game’s assets will be launched first in an equitable manner as Smart NFT. Only by staking on the Smart NFT network can SMART tokens be released.

In Smart Finance, users can buy and sell a variety of game NFTs, such as character and prop NFTs. This enables users to benefit from the “capitalization of game value’s wealth effect” and its convenience.

Additionally, the platform will enable the NFT staking mining feature, in which case users would receive SMART tokens in proportion to the volume of transactions they make using Smart NFT.


With SLaunch, users may take part in investing in new GameFi projects. Users will be qualified to invest in new GameFi projects if they hold a specific number of SMART for a specific amount of time.

How Does  Smart Finance(SMART token)  work?

With its straightforward, thorough, recordable, and valuable “entry,” Smart Finance intends to be the most popular traffic entry in the Web3 globe.

  1. Create an entire Web3 application interface. The metaverse and Web3 both depend on Smart Network. It enhances the Smart Finance system-based operational architecture, offers a Web3 application interface, and realizes and enriches the value capture conditions and usage patterns of WEB3 apps.
  2. enable the DeFi’s upcoming stage The key to implementing DeFi in large-scale systems is to reduce or eliminate ancillary requirements in the future. Strong data network layers can offer users chances for contribution-based income.
  3. Give examples of how to use Web3 guaranteed value. The requirement to offer social interaction based on digital identity is one of the glaring holes in the Web3 application situation. Through social promotion, the market value of Web 3 application scenarios can be infinitely increased. The Smart Network system will enable Smart Finance to open up top-notch social channels with the Web3 and GameFi worlds through the utilization of its initial large user base and ideal infrastructure. realizing the benefits of Web3.