What are the Top 3 Online Games in 2022?

The world of gaming is a very important market. It represents no less than 2 billion players, worldwide. In fact, it is the largest entertainment market, surpassing from afar tv series and films. Online games are particularly important, and so we thought we would provide you with a bit of information on the three most played currently.

Online Casinos are Also on the Rise

It is also interesting to know that online casinos are slowly taking over the market of physical casinos. People who love to play games often spend some time on them, as well. The reason they do so, is that the quality of the visual that they offer are now equal to the other video games that they play. Since they move from playing a few games where they wager money to their regular video game, they often search for a fast payout online casino, which is not always easy to find. That way they upload some money, gain a few bucks, cash out and rapidly go back to their game. And these days, those will often be one of the three below.

Number One: PUBG (100 million+ Players)

These initials stand for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a first-person and third-person shooter game, where 100 players interact against each other. The goal is easy: To be the last one left standing. It became a free game to play online, only in January of this year, which may explain (in part) its current popularity. At the beginning, the player gets dropped off on a square zone, with 99 other players. Everyone chooses to jump off the plane when they prefer, according to the terrain that they are flying over. Once there, they have to find everything they need to fight, from weapons to protective gear.

Number Two: Minecraft (95 million+ Players)

In Minecraft, the character has a humanoid form, of indefinite sex, which appeals to young people today. The world in which he evolves, is made up of blocks of different materials (earth, water, lava, etc.). Animals and monsters share that universe with the character. You will find sheep and cows, standing besides, ghosts and zombies. The goal is to create more blocks and to survive to the various dangers of the game There are a variety of worlds, offered through different Minecraft games. In the end, if character survives, he gets to chat with someone who tells him that he’s slayed the Ender dragon.

Number Three: Apex Legends (50 million Players)

The most popular online game, for a long time, was called Fortnite. It still exists, but currently sits in fourth position behind Apex legends. The biggest difference between the two games is that Fortnite was being played alone, while in Apex legends you are accompanied by two or three friends. For each player, there are nineteen different enemies to defeat in battle. The game is played in popular universes, from Titanfall and Titanfall2 , which both games were developed by the same producers, previously. It is not uncommon to see the game change frequently, as it is still in the process of correcting bugs and equilibrating some of the characters.